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I COULD HAVE DIED ON MY WAY TO DUBAI few days ago but God used my elder brother(a pharmacist) to save my life.
I became very busy few days to my trip. In fact, I was so busy to the extent of not bn active @EGS. I guess that was the reason  I prepared watermelon 24 hours before I left Nigeria for Dubai. I kept the watermelon in the fridge overnight but there was no regular electricity to power the refrigerator.  The watermelon was to be my lunch at the airport. The fruit was in good condition when I left home for the airport.

I got to the airport, checked in and sat somewhere to eat my lunch.
The trouble started few hours after the plane took off. I became uncomfortable. My stomach was very hot and I got the first symptom of food poisoning. I checked my bag several  times for flagyl(metronidazole) but couldn't find it. My elder brother who is a pharmacist told me several years ago that I must never leave my house without metronidazole especially when travelling because food poisoning can happen anytime and it kills faster than anything. He told me metronidazole (flagyl) is the most important thing after taking my international passport.

We lost a Nigeria  minister to food poisoning on his way back to the country  sometimes ago. A friend lost her husband to food poisoning when he went for Hajj  so I know how important a medication that is cheaper than 500 naira can save a soul. I became very worried when I couldn't find the flagyl. I started asking the cabin crew for water but the problem became deadlier  per second. I told them I needed a medication to fight food poisoning but they had none. I started  stooling and the urge to throw up became very strong.  I was on my way back to the rest room when I lost my balance.  I fell down,  was farting uncontrollably and  needed to use the toilet. I couldn't stand up. They had to place me on oxygen.

That was when I remember that whenever I'm looking for something and couldn't find it, all I need to do is to ask the Holy Spirit for help.  So I said "Holy Spirit,my great companion, my senior friend,Please help me find my flagyl,I'm sure I left home with it",,,,in less than 2 mins, I was made to remember vividly how and when I kept the flagyl in my bag,,,,so I started shouting and begging the cabin crew to,,,,PLEASE, GET ME MY BAG which they did. I asked one of them to turn the bag upside down and to the glory of God  the flagyl was there on the floor. I quickly asked for water and took 800mg of metronidazole instead of 400mg. It works like magic. The storm calmed and the battle was over in less than 15mins. I made sure I didn't eat anything till I got to my destination. It was a day I won't forget in a hurry.
 I have bn  in London for 2 days now,,,,, and i still find it difficult to use  toilet because I took an overdose of metronidazole. I will have to take cucumber throughout today to take care of constipation.

Dear friends, Please,make sure you have flagyl with you  whenever you're travelling to anywhere. Food poisoning kills faster than you can ever think or imagine. It doesn't have to be watermelon, it could rice, beans,biscuits or any contaminated food. None of us shall die young lase Edunmare.

THANK YOU LORD for saving my life.
To you alone be the glory


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