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Author Topic: 4 Solid Reasons Why You Must Have An Info Products Business in Nigeria  (Read 866 times)

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What in the world is called the Info Products business? Info products is the short name for Information Marketing Business and it IS a guaranteed way to make a 6-figure income online every single month!

You can quote me on that!

Information Marketing business is a business that involves selling information as a product. Sell information??? YES! Let me ask you a question: What is the number one reason people get online everyday? You probably already guessed that it’s to find information or have fun. This means absolutely any Nigerian, anywhere can sell information.

Infact, Information marketing is one of the fastest ways to make your first one Million Naira online as pure PROFITS. Infact I know fellow Nigerians who make MillionS from selling ebooks online and one of such persons is Onome Maureen. She even gave out a million Naira out of her online business incomes to charity few weeks ago.

So how does it all work?

It’s simple. You exchange information for money. But to make it a successful business where you can make at least N250,000 per month, you’ve got to provide ONLY information people really want. So the key is to figure out what people want. How do you do that?

One easy way to figure it out is through market research. One quick way to do this is to with a simple search. Visit or Nigerian forums like and look at the questions being asked there. You’re looking for popular questions and you would easily know what people want. Here are…
4 SOLID Reasons why You Must Have Your Own Information Marketing Business

Reason 1: Very low-cost to start! If you want to write an ebook, all you need is have access to a computer that uses Microsoft word and you are ready to go. If you don’t own a computer, then all you need is some A4 paper, write and visit a business center to write it for you. Of course, there are other things you need but its not as high as opening a brick and mortar business. Infact you can get started with N4,000 depending on your budget. And you can easily buy other people's product and resell it legally ( I will tell you more about that.

Reason 2: You make passive, residual income. Passive income is any income you get per day or per month without actively working on it. By that I mean, once you create your first ebook and put it up on your website for sale, you can start making money from it daily, monthy and yearly without ever working on it.

But active income is not that way. A good example of active income is your JOB. You go to work 5 -6 days a week and you get paid at the end of the month. But if per chance you decide to stop working, your monthly income or salary also STOPS. While passive income once you stop working, the money KEEPS on coming. That is what is called residual income. Having your personal infoproducts business will create a passive and residual income for you!

Reason 3: You make money from your hobbies, ideas or knowledge. Are you good at anything? Do you have a job or have knowledge on how to do something? What skills do you have that other people desire to learn? Yes, you can convert your hobby or knowledge into money-spinning online business.

Don’t belittle yourself, whatever problem you solved, there are hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who want to solve that same problem and they would gladly pay you for that information. Whatever skill you have or know-how, people will gladly pay you to learn that same thing. Infact the ideas, topics, ideas and for infoproducts are endless.

Reason 4: You make Ridiculous Profits: How does 200% profits sound to you? I wonder how many businesses make 50% profits let alone 200% profits. That is exactly what your infoproducts business will do for you because of the low start up costs. That’s not even all, you get to keep the profits you make and determine how much you want to make at any given time.

Let’s assume you have an urgent project or you want to buy something worth N300,000 and so you decide to create an ebook to raise that cash fast. You get to set the price of your own products! How many businesses can do that? Only creators and manufacturers!

Let’s assume you decide to sell the ebook at N3,000. This means you will need to sell only 100 copies of that ebook to fellow Nigerians out of that 17 million Nigerians last time I checked.

At N5,000 per ebook= You only need to sell 60 copies

At N10,000 per ebook = You only need to sell 30 copies. Wow!!!

So you can decide the price of your infoproduct ebook and Nigerians will BUY from you. All you need do is to find a desperate niche market and convert your knowledge into an online business. You are 100% in control. You set the price. You decide how much you make.

So if you’re not yet convinced to start selling information products, then you’ve probably been sleeping, its time to wake up

For more Info, Visit

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Info products business for obvious reasons are selling and making people rich, but the most challenging angle of information product business is to discover good niche and hungry market. As creating  information product business has no challenge as it is easy as typing the way I'm typing now, but who are interested or will be interested in your information products and how many are they, are they huge enough to make you a good or decent income.
If one answers these very questions correctly, information products can make one a millionaire over night.


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