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Have your friends Ignored you?

Izzy Armada wrote : To all those who took me for granted, wasted my time, discontinued all formS of communication for reasons I still do not know, and all other sorts of ills, I forgive you for behaving badly. You get a clean slate, albeit a different slate altogether. You won't get the chance to do it again.

For all the ways I genuinely wronged anyone seeing this, I do sincerely apologize and intend to do better moving forward.
Let's keep the coming year drama free y'all?

I shared this on my whatsapp status and began to dissect the possible reasons why people do this. The feedback i got from my bosses made me decide to share it here too. Below are some of the reasons i found.
This will help you a great deal if you are an entrepreneur, you need to understand why people do what they do!

1. Some people love you too much and don't know how to say "NO" to you, so they put you on Ghost mode.

2. Some reported they are simply  being SHY, not knowing how to express themselves.

3. Some people don't believe in you, your dreams or your business and don't want to tell you to your face. I like these guys, they keep their negativity to themselves!😂😂😂

4. For some they are immune to change and if you are percieved as a change agent, doesn't matter if it is for their good, they cut you off! I call them 'As it was in the beginning' people.

5. Some just hate you for leaving the 'Rat race', sincerely they want to but can't see themselves making progress in it and each time you reach out, they wish they joined you earlier, the thought of your progress hunts them so they avoid you.

6. Some percieve you as a threat to their Faith. This applies to many Christians with what Tonny Robbins describes as Wealth wounds! They believe business will make them worldly😢😢😢, so they avoid you. I will make a separate post on this cause i consider it serious. This held me back from starting my business for months, and i gave all sorts of flimsy excuses to Dr Ezeokonkwo Innocent Izu😀😃

7. My Boss Diah Bally added this one, Some are afraid if they say no and you succeed they can't come to you for favour
So they would rather avoid you!

Well, if you are on this table i am shaking and almost breaking about ignoring or ghosting people, here are some of the things you need to know:

1. It is not timidity, you will rather be judged as rude/negligent/arrogant.

2. It is better to say NO after taking a close look. Not the spontaneous "Not interested"😅.

 Tell your friend as it is with you at the moment - time won't permit me now, i can't fit into this now, can you present this again in 6months? Etc - and then help in whatever way you can.......i know someone who might be interested, link them up 🤝🏽👍🏽.

3. Things change with time. Interests and Passions are not left out of this fact. Many of the people i told about my business 3years ago and they told me they can't sell anything are selling one thing or the other today, things even more difficult to market😀😀😀. Some have recieved advice from me for free. You never know what you will fall back to tomorrow. So relax?

4. Every dreamer will get to his destination, as long as he does not lose his dream. Ask Joseph. Don't be like the brother's of Joseph who had to lie in their father's name when the man died for fear of what Joseph will do. Your friends will get to their destinations with or without you, they will remember how you treated their hustle!

5. Deliberately check on your friends making effort to build something! This thing called CONNECTION is simple oh. The problem is that people don't want to associate with struggle but success.
Some persons knew when i was battling in med school. I never heard from them. Some even told my parents not to make noise until i graduate because i may drop from the program at anytime😅🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄. But since i became a Dr, i have been everybody's doctor. Of course i never forget those who visited me then and those who called....they may never know what it meant to me.

Be interested in people and what they are doing even if all you have are kind words! People never forget how you make them feel.

Relationship is like an open door with two people on either side, each possessing the key to lock from their sides. Never be the one to lock the door, for you never know when you need to go through that door. Keep it open even if you ain't using it now.

In summary, you don't have to share the same dreams with your friends but be there for them. Still celebrate and mourn with them. Remember their birthdays, anniversaries e.t.c and speak with them on those special days! That's how to service "Connection"😄

And if you are the one being ignored, now you know why. Be patient, as you succeed more persons will come to share your dream. Most importantly, let the sad experiences mold your character. And in your day of rejoicing be like Joseph.....who said to his brothers "God intended it for God to accomplish what is being done now, the saving of many lives".

I remain yours truly UbaMax.
Many more to come in 2019!
Brace up! Move on! Max on!


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