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Because I  am a woman(Anaocha I constituency)

God of helpless and intimidated women, please arise and fight for me and wipe my tears and save me from Azubike Okoye.

My distinguished friends and Very important constituents,with all due respect,I want to beg all of you on bended knees to appeal to purported Hon Azubuike okoye who has been fraudulently representing Anaocha 1 constituency and embezzling our collective funds to please leave my life alone and vomit my name from his protruded stomach incase he swallowed it.
Despite the fact,that I have moved on after his record breaking fraudulent primaries,he has refused to move on and still crying more than the bereaved.

It's quite unfortunate and deeply pathetic that an illiterate grandfather like you,purported Azubuike okoye, who is supposed to treat me as a daughter will be sending your thugs all over Anaocha and Anambra to be scandalising my name for no just case .
Azubuike okoye,do you remeber 2011,when you invited me to marble arch hotels with pretence to discuss with me,you almost raped me ,I escaped that day leaving my bag with you  and you gave me 50,000 naira with a promise that I will come back,maybe you have not recovered from it,that's why you go about from pillar to post peddling falsehood against me maybe with hope to recover your peanut I swindled you.
Do you also tell your thug mgbemnonkiti who you have commissioned to go from one beer parlour singing about me that you have been pursuing me over 10yrs now to sleep with me,I guess they are not aware of it,
It's not enough that for over two years you have been on a vendetta mission,right from 2015 when I contested for House of Assembly ELECTION with you under PDP,you have been destroying my banners,going to all the rich men in Anaocha and whoever cares to listen not to support my Health interventions initiatives and they come asking me what's the problem between us.
Since 2016,you have fought me like an enemy yet laughing like a friend to all and sundry in Anaocha,especially Apga executives and party faithful who you feel are sympathetic to my cause and like my personality.
You desperately continue to fight my Health intervention,tooth and nail like I am a foreigner,yet I was using my initiatives from my hard earned capital to mobilize and project a good image to Apga which you could not do.
Let me also remind you that it's on record that you swore over your dead body that Governor Willie Obiano will not come to my father's house on September for endorsement before the gubernatorial election,despite your anti party activities of going to create enmity between the President general,respected Chief Andy Orakwelu who you have been castigating for no just cause and fighting his government.
You also made our igwe,our beloved igwe innocent obodoakor not to come to receive the Governor and made him feel slighted.
You recruited many town criers to go round with malicious fearful stories for Anaocha pple not to come,you stupidly went lobbying to uzuegbuenam Okagbue,and other protocol ,yet to your pathetic shame and God's glory,Obiano came to my father's house and got endorsed,on that fateful day,we expected to see your dead body as you swore,but you just rushed down running around helter shelter to confuse the Governor not knowing you are the real Devils advocate.
Don't be deceived,incase you have forgotten,let me remind us how you gave Hon tony Nwoye 10 million against Gov obiano who you thot will lose that election,but God showed you that Mmaduaburochukwu.
You recruited your thugs who removed 6 of my billboards during last gubernatorial elections and I still kept quiet for peace to reign  .
You continued your nefarious,criminal,nuisance mischief by character assassination despite your clandestine calls to sleep with me,which I told you that you are not up to my level,that you can't pay my bills.which you have been begging me to allow you to just stay with me,which I have vehemently refused,I promised to introduce you to girls who are on the same level with you in case I run across them.
This year precisely on july,you sent your boys to remove my Aku luo uno billboard at ezi na ano that i used 200,000 to erect that you a purported Hon member didnt deem felt the best way is to destroy mine as the agbero and tout that you are.if not that I reported the matter to Nigerian Civil Defence at Awka,you would have removed the replaced banner at Ezi na ano which stands till today because your thugs are afraid of going to jail by removing it.
Precisely on September,you sent one of your thugs,by name ntu from amatutu,because to your shame,you heard that I have branded a sienna and donated it to okwuchukwu odu.He vandalized my sienna and when he heard I wanted to jail him,he call everyone in Agulu to apologise to me.

Stupidly as the Aba illiterate,certificate fraudster and blackmailer that you won award for,you still continued your chasing spree and character assassination because you saw me as your biggest political threat.
Before the primaries,you sent your thug Jude ojimmadu who can't spell his name to go confronting all my supporters at any place to intimidate them into supporting your sick candidacy,yet they refused,rejected and avoided you like a plague,up till date you have not recovered from that rejection.

Ndi Anaocha,please don't cry for me,weep bitterly for Dr victor oye and the cabals who Hon Azubike Okoye  deceived  and cajoled with our  constiruency money he  fraudulently collected over these four years to give him  ticket and make him candidate of the party despite overwhelming evidence of his unprecedented anti party activities.who is the loser,it's  their loss,not mine.When someone lose a good person,it's the latter loss,not the former.
Mr fraudster,do you remeber all your illiterate bragging before the primaries that you will disgrace me with funds,that you will share 400k,yet I matched you money for money,I even doled more cash than you,upon all painful bad names you gave me.
Did you tell your supporters how you used to go to chinedu Obidigwe room at laluna to cry like a 6months old baby to a boy old enough to be your father to give you ticket,i weep for you. In fact you are the biggest joke of the year despite having obtained your fraudulent controversial ticket that won't take you to anywhere but to the cleaners,law enforcement agencies,financial crimes fighters,federal High courts and inevitably to jail,because you must definitely pay for forgery that you committed,the fact that APGA claimed that the you used the fraudulent stolen impersonated certificate of Mr Chukwudum does not exempt you from being guilt of the crime  .you must definitely pay for it,when the hook and the law gets you.surely,by God being God I will definitely see that day that justice,truth and mother land Agulu will expose you .
Have you also told your tugs,ex convict Jude ojimmadu and murderer who killed Chief tonimas sister with his car how you have come begging my father with Ejike imoka,Frank obi's brother to forgive you of your atrocities,you begged him that I should not go to court because you know I have very overwhelming evidence against you.i am still considering that ,yet you have the mind and audacity to be causing trouble while you send your thug Jude ojimmadu to be assassinating my character at every beer parlour,instead of you to face your miserable life and your wife,even face your election like our Honorable federal House of Representative member Hon Dozie Nwankwo is doing  and thinking of ways to improve DNA constituency.
Purported Hon Azubuike okoye,please I m sending you this last appeal to please let me be,it's not good I wash your dirty linen in public,I have the evidence of your escapades at Trig point,park Tonia,quantana hotel of your atrocities and impunity with our ladies who you deceived with the lure of getting them a job.
Please I will equally call the igwe,pg,woman pg of all the constituency for them to beg you,if you still need the 50k you gave me at marble arch,i can refund to them .please take this time out to register in a secondary school to get your certificate and also write jamb because all the documents you are fraudulently representing with is your Achilles heel and will be your albatross. Those qualifications belong to  Mr Chukwudum Apulia make whom your father bought his certified with 200 naira,it's even alleged and a public knowledge that you killed him with accident because he asked you that both of you can't be using the same name at Agulu Grammar School.
A word is enough for a fraudster.
I have equally heard the threats you made to pour me acid and naked me with shooking bottle inside your mother's body to show you are an aba brought up.
I heard you gave Jude ojimmadu 100k before the primaries to harass and naked our respected elderstatesman and majority leader Hon Silas Ejeabocha and gave him 100k balance after trying to tear his trousers on the day of primaries.
It's quite unfortunate and I weep for your generation,you have no legacy left that of fraud,criminality and all evil records in Agulu Do you remeber how you were strip naked at umuowelle,you were beaten to pulp,if not for God .you would have been a dead man.
Even Peter obi gave you award of onye ori and ekperima at our townhall,during 2015 elections because of your guiness book of records embezzlement of funds given to widows and other projects which you ate that had refused to digest in your stomach,which is the only evidence you have to show,your stomach infrastructure as the evidence .
Let me give you an advice,a tout can't be leading a tout,an agbero can't be leafing an agbero,an ex convict can't be advising a potential convict.Empowering agbero with drinks at different beer parlour to be carrying out your political victimization,harrasments and threat of acid is only going to put you in more bigger political fiasco and constituency battles.
Definitely like terms attract ,the chief reason you sleep and end up with thugs,you even share prostitutes with them in park Tonia.
Azubike Okoye do you remeber how you used to come pester my father to assist you when you contested for president general,you are always the ist beggar at our gate during my teens,my father took you round Agulu upon everyone resisted your candidacy that you have a criminal background,yet my father pleaded and you were made president general not knowing you had forged certificates,you were even making caricature of your vp,not knowing he is better educated than you.
You have practically blackmailed everyone, have you not blackmailed and shown your criminal character,you castigate Obiano,Senator victor umeh,Hon Dozie Nwankwo,most of the icons of industry in Anaocha,you assassinated their character during your tenure as pg,which enabled you to have a stealing spree of the developmental funds given to you by Gov Peter obi.
You went to Senator victor umeh house with Bishop and other stakeholders to forgive you of your political anti rascality and chronic betrayal inherent endangering character to give  you ticket,it's quite pathetic they fell to your crocodile tears because a hardened Leopard can never change his spots,you deceptively alleged to them that you will help them delivere Agulu and Anaocha,please how do you hope to square that circle,the worst mistake Apga made is to give you ticket. Do you have good will?what do you have to show as legacy,if not your criminal records and victimization. 2019 elections will not be like Apga inglorious primaries,that day even chinedu Obidigwe and other cabals will be fighting for their wards,mind you that Anaocha is the constituency of a vice presidential candidate,a former senator and senator victor ume,any thug you plan to use to unleash terror on that day,which you are bragging to whoever you meet will only lead to your Demise and waterloo.keep grooming and recruiting them.
Playing Demi God to Apga Anaocha won't get you any votes,mind you you are just a criminal record holder in Agulu,this election is between many political parties who you have no good will with and a very bad reputation and record.
It's not up to 2 months you have fraudulently forced yourself into APGA,You didnt wait,but clamddestinely gone around fighting our distinguished senator victor umeh that he never wanted to give you ticket. If only our dear senator knows what you say about him,he won't even relate with you even from a mile or with a pole,because you are the Devils incarnate and an epitome of criminality and unprecedented betrayal.
In all this  unbelievable impunity and political rascality,I blame no one but our former Honourable,Hon Ebele Ejiofor,a very good friend of mine,who you schemed and stole his mandate and you managed to become Apga candidate in 2015 elections.
Azubuike okoye,did you win elections to start with,you fraudulently got into the state House through the back cling like a pest to Hon Dozie Nwankwo,to blackmail those who tell you your dear you can never be of any good to them,rather to reduce their votes and win more enmity to them.
Even though you conducted your fraudulent primaries by yourself and family members,you still haven't gotten over the fact that I contested with you,that's why you alleged that I sleep with all my constituents that's why they are all supporting dear i am not an untamed animal like you that sleeps with all ants,cockroach and rats who climb your protruded stomach.
Keep piling up enmity for yourself and family.Four years is like four years,before you know it's gone with the wind.


My dear Hon. Azubike Okoye  (odenigbo Agulu) I sincerely apologise that I must use this medium to bring this matter to your attention,  unfortunately I have no choice as the situation I find myself in gives me no better alternative. For sometime now closed to  received a number of complains,life threats,assault from your supporters at home (especially those in Agulu,my beloved hometown. These complaints have bordered along the lines of vandalising of many of my Healthcare  campaign posters about four billboards
during last gubernatorial elections which I painfully tolerated for peace to reign and not cause chaos to our dear Governor.

Three months ago,your boys destructed my Aku luo uno(Think Home ) billboard  at ezi na ano.many people admonished i arrest them,but i still forgave for the unpteen time not to rub Apga in the mud.
I successfully put a replacement which has not been dismantled by your boys because I reported to the vigilante to watch over it.
Two weeks ago,I put Apga on the horizon by painting an Apga office,the same boys came to vandalize our Apga office,cartin
4 months ago,your boys in the person of emordi ojimmadu threatened to humiliate and assault me at Neni headquarters,if i attend the event to receive our beloved ist lady Chief Mrs Ebele Obiano (OSODIEME) to Anaocha.
I stayed away from that event to avoid being lynched as they promised for peace to reign.4 months ago,we attended  an Apga outreach at Neni,your boy,emordi assaulted and harassed sir Chike Akunyili,if not for intervention of people,if the would have been another gory sight.
I was advised to arrest them but I refused, My reason being that I can understand that they misguided.
The life threatening and scary climax of it was on September  that one of your boys ,ntu by name attacked one of my supporters and vehicle that why should a woman give him a sienna to drive and made many mind blowing threats to my person and beloved dad,chief Dan Ogbuefi,it's only a stick that is told it will be cut down that takes it on deaf ears.
For the mere fact that I am a lady is the reason why I felt the cup is overflow for all to judge this matter and let everyone know if the threats are carried out.
My dear honourable , I respect you and all my elders 200%. Whatever you are today,my father contributed to it,incase  you have  lost your memory or obliterated your records,he fought single handedly for you to be Agulu president general,when the community vehemently rejected your candidacy,i have never been known to disrespect an elder, especially those who respect themselves. You have a ist  responsibility to our community which also includes protection of lives and property of your constituency which i still belong to,but the reverse is now the case.
I crave your indulgency as an elder, to educate and call your supporters to order. Your continued silence on this matter will translate to your approval of their actions, and this is really dangerous for Apga,Agulu and Anaocha constituency whom these men are terrorizing and publicly assaulting.
 Sir I HAVE CONDUCTED MY AFFAIRS IN THE MOST RESPECTFUL MANNER for my beloved party Apga, our beloved governor  Gov willie obiano CAREFULLY AVOIDING EVERY REASON TO CROSS PATHS  WITH YOU despite all the aggression,provocation,humilation,intumidation and scandalising of my person upon I am your fellow party member . .
THIS IS NOT BECAUSE I AM AFRAID OF YOU .There is no monopoly of violence or stupidity just as Governor Bello asserted. It's ?only a fool that test fights or injures a corpse he will bury. I AM VERY CONSCIOUS OF WHO I AM AND WHERE I COME FROM. THAT IS WHY I KEEP TO MY LANE. IN THE SPIRIT OF EXHUSTING ALL AVENUES TO MANAGE your record breaking political rascality,I will equally write to umu Ada of all the constituency incase you decide to take your stupidity,criminality,impunity and rascality to the next level.
Even with all your miserable peanuts that you have accumulated,you are not God and can never determine my political destiny. Whom God has blessed,no purported Azubuike okoye can curse. Keep pursuing me,while I head to the top.
Cultists,thuggery and blackmail are attributes of drop outs  and agbero at upper Iweka,for a purported Hon member to pride in these despicable act is an act worth condemning in its entirety.
I will keep speaking against the evil and political victimization that you trade in till you stop.
I still remain,

Yours in service to humanity,


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