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Author Topic: Breaking: Nigerian Forces Retreat from Sambisa Forest  (Read 395 times)

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Due to the presence of booby traps and landmines scattered all over the last known Boko Haram stronghold, Sambisa forest, Nigerian soldiers have retreated back to Bama barely 24 hours after it commenced what is believed to be the final offensive against the terrorists. According to Reuters, three pro-government vigilantes have already been killed by a landmine.

A Chadian military source said a joint military operation involving armies from Niger and Cameroon was expected to begin to encircle the Sambisa forest next week. Chadians will go in from the Cameroonian border where they have been massing troops. This final push is expected to end Boko Haram’s six years of terror and dream of establishing an Islamic Caliphate in Nigeria’s North East region.

PS: This article is a summarized version of the original news



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