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Election campaign agency in Nigeria AdHang has distinct itself as guru in campaign delivery of political advertising in Nigeria and around Africa.  Its expertise in election campaign has made it easy for any political parties or politicians to massively reach Nigerian voters faster and easier around any state, region or the country via on-line. Before AdHang existence in Nigeria, there is never an agency dedicated to online election campaign in Nigeria, which means the agency AdHang is pioneering online election campaigning in Nigeria.

Good news now is that if you need to carry out election campaign in Nigeria, your best option is to hire the election campaign agency in Nigeria AdHang. The agency has over ten years of experience in online promotion in Nigeria and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa. Hiring the agency will save your team stress and headache, and certainly assist you campaign favorable in political battle field, reach millions of electorates and win voters attention away from opponents in your state, region, locality or any where your target audiences are.

The election campaign agency in Nigeria AdHang has dedicated experts, comprehensive campaign process, online communication system, robust set of tools and technologies to achieve your campaigns aims, whether to enlighten public, persuade voters or reinforce your promises to electorates. What this means is that AdHang has online campaign know-how to embark on heavy online awareness, educate your target audiences, attract voters to vote for you in the day of the election, run a reminder campaign towards the election date, reinforce benefits and important of voting for you as oppose to voting for opponents, etc.

When you hire Adhang and make your objectives and goals clear to the agency, AdHang will assemble its team of election campaign experts which are over 30 professionals in number with divergent online campaign skills. First they will carry out situation analysis to understand your political environment, regulatory bodies campaigns conditions, your strengths, weaknesses, target audience perception about you, electorates perception about you,  who your opponents are, strengths and weaknesses, strategies, how effective is your rivals messages compare to yours, who are the target audiences, what are their online channels preferences, etc. All these will enable AdHang to know where you stand and where you should go.

After the above is gotten, the agency will plan all the campaign process such as strategies, tactical approaches, etc; design necessary creative works such as banners, info-graph, fanpage, slide presentations, etc; write compelling messages such as headlines, advert copies, etc; produce all the campaign materials such as online videos, website, etc; Select platforms and channels to use such as influencers, search engines, mobile marketing, social media, content, display, etc; and manage your election campaigns all over the internet, this includes running, monitoring, evaluating and optimizing your campaigns in all places to ensure that they are consistent with the political objectives.

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