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#State of The Nation : Tinubu with Gov Ogbeni

#Ogbeni : Why are you not talking with all these that is happening in APC as it concerns Buhari and 2019 ?

#Tinubu : Talking ? If you talk too much this Fulani guys that are in control of power at Abuja will see me as cheap and I won't be able to negotiate better with them .

Ogbeni : Hmmmm ! Is that so ? I have been worried that you don't talk at all on numerous issues .

Tinubu : Hahahaha Ogbeni ! Aaaaah!! If you talk anyhow , you reduce your bargaining power before this boys at Abuja !

Ogbeni : aah Baba mi ! I am always loyal ooo .
Anything you are negotiating , always put your boy for plan ooo. You no my tenure is ending this month .

Tinubu : I know . You have never disappointed me right from the time I made you Commissioner for Works in Lagos state to now that you are Governor .

Ogbeni : Yes baba mi . I even made sure that your cousin is now the APC Governorship candidate for our party for this August Governorship election as you wished .

Tinubu : You have been a loyal boy .

Ogbeni : Thanks . What are you targeting from these Buhari cabals at Abuja ?

Tinubu : My target is very close to my heart .I don't share it out easily .

Ogbeni : Yes , I know . But you can't close it from your trusted ally whom also is from same state with you even though we all use Lagos as a launching pad .

Tinubu : I am plotting to take control of all the relevant Govt institutions in this country and also to take control of office of the President by 2023 .
National Assembly leadership will first fall into my palms !

Ogbeni : Wow ! I can't wait to move to Abuja with you !

Tinubu : You are always my loyal boy .

Ogbeni : But Igbos even those in APC are saying that they will replace Buhari in 2023 ?

Tinubu : hahahahahaha ! Ogbeni don't mind those ones . They talk too much and we have strategically pushed them out of power discussion .

Ogbeni : Are you serious ?

Tinubu : Oh yes ! When you always rush to defend Buhari and APC , you become so cheap before them and they won't consider you at all in power deals.

Ogbeni : I am learning !

Tinubu : I chose when to talk and when not to ! I use silence most time to build my bargaining power while Igbos in APC defend everything about Buhari and APC and thereby reduce their bargaining powers !

Ogbeni : I see why Hon Jubrin had the audacity to announce on Channels Tv that power will go to South West after Buhari .

Tinubu : Hon Jubrin just like many other Northern politicians has fallen into my strategy . They are now more afraid of offending Tinubu and they are ready to give us anything .

Ogbeni : I see ! We have VP , Minister of Finance , Minister of Power , Minister of Works , FIRS , etc and yet , we are still telling them that we want more .

Tinubu : Yes nah ! Leave that for me . I am working to be the running mate to Buhari in 2019 and if anything happen like it happened before , piam ! I will assume the Presidency of Nigeria .

That is strategy one . Second strategy is to bargain for the ticket of the party in 2023 .

Ogbeni : But I thought that South West has gone before and South East are better positioned ?

Tinubu : Don't even say that again ! You hear me !? Don't allow the Media to build on that !

Ogbeni : Yes sir .

Tinubu : Good enough , we are in control of the Media network in Nigeria . Igbos don't have any Media bargaining power to match mine ! I am the Asiwaju of Africa !

Ogbeni : But what if Buhari and his boys goes after you ?

Tinubu : I have divided Buhari's cabal already . Each of their camps are coming to Tinubu for support while I continue to manipulate them against each other .
Hahahahaha they won't even get together not to talk of fighting Tinubu !

Ogbeni : Hmmmmm

Tinubu : You have not noticed that DSS and EFCC DGs are not on good terms ?
Are you not aware too that Chief of Staff and some other group are not on good terms too ?

Ogbeni : aaaah !

Tinubu : Magu is already in my pocket . Meanwhile I also give him media cover for so many of his fraud which he is aware we provide media cover for him .So I send him after whom I want him to go after and also use him to protect who I want to protect .

Ogbeni : No wonder ! You are just ruling Nigeria from Lagos . hehehehehehe !

Tinubu : Did you see how I insisted that Oyegun must be replaced and they concurred ? They did so because they are afraid of Tinubu ! I created that strategy !

Ogbeni : How are you going to deal with South South and South East APC blocks ?

Tinubu : I will just divide them and each camp will be running to me like I divided Buhari Cabals .

For South South APC , I have divided them since and they are fighting each other while am consolidating .

Ogbeni : Baba mi ! You are above Awo in Yoruba political history !

Tinubu : Abe Vs Amaechi , Amaechi Vs Oshiomole , etc .

Ogbeni : This your strategy is bad ooo !

Tinubu : That is the cheapest war strategy and very effective . Use your enemies to fight your war by making them fight themselves and get weakened .

Ogbeni : South East APC will be an issue for us ooo.

Tinubu : Hahahahaha those ones ? I have divided them since ! They are fighting serious cold war as we speak !
Each camp always come here to complain and anyone of them that comes, I normally tell him or her something about the other that will get him or her more bitter and the war continues .
Then blackmail the intelligent ones among them and use the unintelligent ones to insult their people like Joe my boy and the likes of Okechukwu of VON .

Ogbeni : aaaah ! But this Buhari and his Cabals , I fear them oooo !

Tinubu : Buhari is not healthy , we will insist on giving him running mate should in case anything happens .
I will teach those Northerners Politics !

Ogbeni : my own is to follow you .

Tinubu : We have already blackmailed all the people that will give Opposition the needed strategy .We will do this thru the media and tag them corrupt , then Magu' EFCC to enforce our game .

Meanwhile , let me answer this call first ...

Note : This is Satire from Onyia's Fiction notes .

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2018
Enugu , Nigeria


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