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Topic: Free Indeed

Text: Jn. 8:32&36

Ministering: Pst. E. A. Adeboye

Date: 6th December,  2017.

Prayer point
Father tonight let me be free indeed.

Tonight we have a serious business which is to fight for our freedom.

There's a song of Victory we sing which says;

Arise oh Lord and your enemies be scattered (3x)
Oh Lord oh Lord Arise.

The problems with many of us is that we are fighting enemies that we cannot see. Demons don't appear on the  x-ray. When we talk about deliverance,  many feels its not for them.

What are the  implications of bondage?

* If your hands are tight, it becomes very difficult to succeed with whatever you do with your hands.

* When someone is under a bondage, he will be struggling to survive, working like an elephant and eating like an ant.

* You can be working in a place for 15 years and someone who had just worked for 3years will be promoted before you.

Implications of deliverance
1. If your hands are freed, restoration becomes easy. Exo. 12:35:36;

2. When your legs are freed promotion becomes accelerated. Mk. 5:18-20. It was the day Joseph was released from prison that he became the prime minister of Egypt.

When you have complete deliverance,  physical, mental, spiritual, material, certain things begins to happen. Judges 15:1-15.

When God gives you total deliverance, the first thing that will happen is that enemies within becomes disappointed.

All those who are expecting your downfall will be disappointed.

2. Enemies will be scattered, when God gives you total freedom and your enemies become your servant. Acts. 16:25-34

Seven point why you're going to be freed:

1. When God made you, He made you in his image and likeness. Gen.  1:26-28; He made you to have dominion and not to be a slave. Mk. 5:2-4; 1Pet. 1:13-19; He paid for our redemption with his own life, and He will defend you from anyone trying to take you away from him.

2. You know the  truth. Jn. 14:6; if you have given your life to Jesus Christ, you know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Deut. 28:1&7;

There are two kinds of captives
Lawful captives i.e. Is. 49:24-26; whether you are a lawful or unlawful captive, deliverance is available for you.

* Unlawful captive.

Jn. 17:17; if you know the word of God,  you know the truth. And one of the ways of setting free is to let the  devil know that it is written.  Ps. 118:17; As for me I will make progress, as for me I will be free indeed.

3. Reason number three is that our father in heaven is a stronger man. Lk. 11:21-22; Ps. 91:1; 1Jn. 4:4; there's somebody in you, dwelling in you who is stronger than all the  enemies.

Today every evil tree in your life shall come down, because it is written every plant my father has not planted shall be rooted up.

4. Jesus Christ can change curses to blessing. Gal. 3:13-14; it doesn't matter the origin of the curse, Jesus Christ is the redeemer.  Num. 23:7-25;

In the name that is above every other names,  you will be blessed tonight and every curse in your life will be cancelled.

If the one who curses you have a genuine reason to do so, Jesus Christ can over ride, because He is the Judge of the entire universe. His supreme court is higher than any other supreme court.

In the mighty name of Jesus every curse flowing down your family either lawful or unlawful will be destroyed.

5. Our father can cancel evil covenant. Is. 28:15-18; 2 Cor. 5:17; when Jesus moves in, no devil can claim you.

6. Reason number six why you will be freed is that I assume you want to be free. Acts 12:5-11; Acts 16:25-28; but some people refuse to be set free.

Every witch in your family will not fly again.

Every force holding you back, the fire of God will consume.

7. Reason number seven is because, if only God will arise, His enemies and your enemies will be scattered.  Ps. 69:1-3; Heb. 12:29

How do I get God to arise?

Jn. 4:23-24; God is a spirit, if you will worship him in spirit and in truth, He will arise and come to your side. And the  moment he arises, enemies begin to scatter.

Every yoke of bondage in your life, no matter how long shall be  destroyed.

Prayer Points:
1. Father, in the mighty name of Jesus I command every evil force hindering my destiny, bow tonight in Jesus name.

2. In the  mighty name of Jesus, I command you Satan, take your hands off me, take your hands off those who are special to me.

3. Father, every voice trying to distract my attention, I decree tonight let them be silent.




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