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Sports Online Promotion Agency in Nigeria AdHang is a privately owned agency based in Nigeria Africa, created to help sport organizers both local and international to promote any sport activity in Nigeria and around Africa. Every day, week, month, quarter and year there’re many sports activities going on in Nigeria and different parts of Africa. Unfortunately most of Nigerians don’t know these sports activities are going on, again, some types of sports are unknown to the masses who would have loved to participate or know about the tournament.

With creation of private sports online promotion agency AdHang, sports organizers both private and government can leverage the online promotional skills of AdHang‘s team to market sports to millions of Nigerians and Africans. Most Nigerians sports lovers are constantly watching foreign sports, because these leagues and tournaments are carefully and strategically marketed to them.  Nigerians being highly interested in foreign sports activities are not be chance, the sports organizers know the important of large spectators to sports tournament and employ every promotional strategies and tactics to have millions of spectators, fans and thousands brands to focus on their sports tournaments.

Sports activities have come to stay, and now is a highly competitive venture around the world. AdHang is here to help move sports in Nigeria and around Africa forward through meticulous online promotion campaigns. Why online promotion? Because advent of internet and technology in general has reduced information to one on one basis, that is to say, every Nigeria carries information on his/her bag and hands anywhere he/she goes. AdHang has well trained professionals and seasoned sports online promotion experts to engage these millions of Nigerians on daily basis about any sport.

AdHang as one and only online sports promotion agency in continent of Africa can help you promote divergent sports to millions of Nigerians, such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis etc. AdHang will assist organizers to achieve divergent sports tournament objectives such as to create awareness, educate masses and establish the sport/tournament in the participants’ minds, increase interest and enthusiasm for the sport in Nigeria, and will help create sense of occasion, fun and excitement around the tournament in Nigeria, any region or entire Africa.

The AdHang’s agency is only solution to sport online promotion in Nigeria Africa, having been in the field of online promotion in Nigeria for over ten years. The agency employs all channels, advanced sport online marketing strategies and divergent state-of-art internet promotional technologies and robust set of advertising tools.

For questions and more information about the online sport promotion agency visit  or contact


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