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Author Topic: Google Misadventure In Nigeria Via (GNBO) Get Nigeria Business Online  (Read 2658 times)

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GNBO or GBO without the “N” (Google Business Offensive)

It is very curious Google in Partnership with Mobile and Banking behemoths MTN & EcoBank are offering to get Nigerian Business Online free via a new initiative tagged “GNBO” this acronym standing for “Get Nigerian Business Online”.

Can anyone discerning enough see this ploy for what it really is, “RAPE, ECONOMIC SLAVERY & ANOTHER COLONIANISM”

Google is telling us that it is time to get Nigerian Businesses online via their own initiative and NIRA (Nigerian Internet Registry Association) or whatever is standing by and looking lost, if Google is allowed to proceed with this strategy with what attendant consequences and repercussion for the Nigerian Baby web & Internet market valued at over 7Billion USD.

Because majority of Nigerians and our policy and decision maker have little knowledge of how the Internet and relevant technologies work, they may not see the apparent danger and evil scheming behind this ploy and strategy. When Satan wanted to deceive the human race, ne he used eve Adam’s wife and appealed to her innocence and ignorance of the consequences of taking and eating the forbidden fruit. Mankind has since that time been reeling from the disastrous consequences of that ignoble action.

Google tried this initiative In China Some times ago, The Chinese Authorities quickly moved to curtail Google Apparent intrusion under a similar guise into their fledging and growing Internet and technology Market. Google is not the biggest Search engine in the china, It is “Baidu” the Chinese search engine used by almost all Chinese and others speaking Swahili.

What Google and their partners want to do in Nigeria is not friendly at all; it is a Greek Trojan Horse Gift that has disastrous consequences for our national security and economy.

Here is Google’s Plot Laid Bare.

Nigeria’s Internet Domain & Web design and related technology market is valued at over 7 Billion USD, Because of the apparent lack of knowledge and technology Know how in the Country, Google quickly want to reap where it didn’t sow.

While the Nigerian market is growing at a slower pace with APTECH, NIIT and other training would be web Professionals and Techies  in order to position them to start offering web services to the nation, Goggle quickly want to dominate the market by offering to do what cost a lot of money- free, Well Google Service is not really free as only the entry point fee is free for the first year, by the second year when your renewal is due you will receive your renewal invoice padded with what you used free the previous year, the initial FREE service is just the initial token investment by Google and others. Google is a business and ONLY the balance sheet matters most to their investors.

One of Google’s Business Strategies is to try to muscle into areas other have developed to a point, case in point, The Google + Social networking Services, It Miffed Google that Facebook is Worth More than them in terms of money, and their Google Buzz initiative is not gathering the crowd like Facebook.

So they tried to muscle in on Facebook’s territory, but they have failed as their Google + Social Networking doesn’t have the Facebook Flavor and so it is sagging, many people have tried it, dumped it and have gotten back to Facebook.

Google tried to muscle in one Microsoft Territory, via the introduction of Google Docs an online alternative to Microsoft Flagship Office suite of software, They have invested in a technology called Cloud computing which intends to make office user dump the Proprietary MS office suite for an Online version which is available free, the idea is to pull the rug from under Microsoft’s feet.

Another Ploy is their investment in another technology called cloud web hosting with a view to muscle in on the Web Hosting Market and make it redundant.

Then recently Google launched its online Payment Gateway Google Checkout, where they want to be a major player in the online Payment market, to the detriment of traditional practitioners.

The Problem with Google is that it always comes too late into other people territory, Most of the markets in US, CANADA & Europe have been saturated and People and Enterprises have spent huge amounts on their IT infrastructure and changing to any free Google Inspired Techno Initiative will not come without a huge price, “Why Change a system that has taking time to build and works fine.” So Google’s Attempt at selling its belated products even when free have often met with User’s apathy and stiff resistance in all these saturated market, How many Corporate organisations or people use Gmail for their corporate communications, even with the introduction of Google mail to muscle in on Yahoo free email Territory, Yahoo still has more email user than Google.

So what better place to start it’s bullying and evil practices that in Africa, because of our low know of how these technology stuff works.

Website Development is a 3 stage or phase project, You register your domain name with an accredited register, You sign up for a website Hosting services which comes bundled with email and other useful services, then you either get a professional website designer to author your website which may be a little costlier or you buy or download a free website template and a free “wyswyg” like Adobe Dreamweaver editor to do it yourself, Most web hosting service even comes with an online site designer which can be used to designed a good professional looking website. There is even more to website design than these 3 steps and with have now Social media Integration where you have a Facebook page linked to your website and also have twitter page created for your business.

You can even use Joomla, Word Press and Other Site and Content management Software which comes with a standard web hosting Account.

The Nigerian Federal Government and NIRA should take a cue from the Chinese counterpart by Stopping Google in its track, they are agents of the US Federal Government and what they are after is corporate statistics and information.

Nigerian Business owners should get more information about how website development and its technology work before fallen into Google Apparent Trap.

Google want to steal our birth right and our right to free choice right under our very nose, if Google is allowed to succeed, in its  scheming and maneuvers, In the next couple of years, I see many civil Servants, youths and freelance worker heading to the farms to take up menials Jobs, because That’s where only Jobs will be available, Google and its partners have stolen al their Jobs and Positions and it and its partners are all smiling to the bank at our expense.

One Compelling case, is that of the Multi National beverage Giant Coca Cola, They came and Dominated our soft drink market, Over the years they continue to stifle competition by buying them out, LIMCA, Dr. PEPPER, and others fell to the scheming of Coca Cola, Today because of the tenacity of Pure Water Producer, Coca Cola is being forced to earn its pay, They don’t have share holder in Nigeria, They use labour from Nigerian, water from Nigeria, Energy from Nigeria but They repatriate all their profits and earning to the parent company. Leaving poverty for Nigerian in their wake.

It is the same thing that Goggle wants to do wit this evil initiative. GNBO, Google Business Offensive, lets take Nigerian off the Hook of this evil Enterprise

What Google wants to do will eradicate millions of jobs and kill many infant and developing industry’s,

Many Nigerian Domain Registrar will go down, APTECH, NIIT and CO will be sunk, CIVIL SERVANTS both at Federal & State level will soon Get Sacked, Website Designers, graphic Artists all and sundry will have their jobs eroded right under their noses, PLEASE  Lets Tell GEJ that soon he wil be presiding over a nation full of frustrated, disgruntled and would be robber Youths.


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I got email above from Nigeria IT Personnel this morning.
While I agree with him, at least there are Nigeria companies offering these services in Nigeria. In my opinion, I think this campaign should be directed to Government and consumers.


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