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Everyone knows that basketball, especially professional basketball is more than just a game and with the "NBA 2K17" series, basketball just got a lot more fun. Staying up to date with the current technology, "NBA 2K17" promises and struggles to stay at par with other popular games in the market.

Although the "NBA 2K" series have been around for quite sometime, Game Spot reports that "NBA 2K17" will have something that all the previous NBA 2K games never had. This topic hones in on the plethora of modes NBA 2K offers. More latest NBA 2K17 news is post on U4NBA, one of the most reliable NBA 2K17 MT selling online store.

As usual, the upcoming version of the series is multiple games within one package. During my time in Novato, California, I had an opportunity to touch or learn about every mode in the game.

The information on MyCareer is embargoed until Friday morning, so my take on that concept will be posted then.

As for now, let’s talk MyTeam, Pro-Am, The Park, Play Now Online, Blacktop and my personal favorites MyGM, MyLeague and the player and team customization options.

NBA Blacktop

The Blacktop concept returns, and that was music to the ears of veteran 2K players. Instead of fake parks, Blacktop will feature real venues such as street courts outside of Seattle’s Kingdome, in Harlem and other places.

A crowd is on hand and they will react to the events on the court. You hear oohs and aahs when players are dunked on or crossed over.

If you’ve ever watched any footage of games at Rucker Park, you’ll know what to expect.

At the outset of every game, you’ll have the opportunity to set the rules for the upcoming contest.

You can play 1-on-1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5, and you can choose any player in the game–with the exception of players from the Olympic squads. More on that later.

You can play half or full court, determine the points set and even wind conditions. YouTubers Red City Boi and Shakedown 2012 seemed to love this mode because it’s a great place to hone your dribble moves.

That’s especially the case this year because the gamer has to create his own combination moves with the signature size-ups removed. Fangs (another YouTuber on hand) and I nearly won a 2v2 tournament playing on Blacktop.

She and I beat Red City Boi and That Kidd Kuda in the first round, but lost by two points to Sub The Gamer and NCNative in the finals. We were so close, but had to settle for second place.

Sub and NC had beaten J-Fox and Shakedown in their first game.

It was a blast to play competitively. That’s a mode I normally wouldn’t touch, but I may give it more of a look once the retail version is available.

Play Now Online

For the gamers who love to play online head-to-head outside of MyTeam, Play Now Online returns with a few wrinkles. There’s a new tier, that may not have been identified. There’s also a major focus on matchmaking.

You can customize the search to play an opponent from almost any skill level or list of accomplishments.

It may result in a longer wait time for a game, but if you’re trying to build your skills or challenge the biggest and baddest, this concept should help you do that.


This mode continues to get bigger, but it delivered my first real disappointment in NBA 2K17. There is no draft-like mode coming this year–or at least not at launch. If you want to buy NBA 2K17 MT, please use our site which will give you the best service.

Madden 16 changed the virtual card mode game with Draft Champions and if I’m being totally honest, I’m shocked 2K didn’t follow suit. They’ve usually been great about adopting successful concepts from other series–while putting their own spin on the theme.

Because of how successful Draft Champions was for the Madden brand, it would have been ideal if 2K delivered a similar experience. Without that functionality, it’s impossible for me not to see MyTeam as being somewhat behind MUT in that area.

That said, the customization of logos,  and arenas is still something that MyTeam offers that MUT does not–which is a good thing for 2K. The partial answer to the absence of a real draft mode is MyTeam Blacktop.

It’s designed to be a quick multiplayer 3v3 game, but it features a draft wheel that you get to spin after each game. Depending on where the spinner lands, you get an opportunity to pick prizes from the board.

This sounds like a fun mini-game, but it does not replace a draft mode.

The somewhat repetitive and senseless Road to the Playoffs has been removed. It’s been replaced by MyTeam online. It’s still a tiered, season-based mode, but it’s less restrictive meaning there aren’t as many qualifications.

There’s also new mini-challenges. Instead of being forced to play full-game or quarter-length challenges, fans will be able to take on challenges that may last only a few minutes in a quarter.

Also on the MyTeam front is the elimination of the Dynamic Ratings cards.

This concept was too similar to Moments Cards and was thus abolished. In an attempt to enhance the Moments Cards theme, we were told 2K will aim to have cards released within two hours of the standout performances in the NBA.

That’s insanely quick.

Imagine NBA players who are also 2K fans saying “that’s a Moments Card performance,” right after they have big games. That would do wonders for MyTeam’s popularity.

The cards in MyTeam have been redesigned with a more transparent look. Here’s a look at the tiers for cards:
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Pink Diamond
  • Onyx (Free Agent)
You’ll notice the Onyx cards have a caption that reads “free agent.” These are new cards to the MyTeam concept. These cards will feature star players that will be available for use on your team for a limited time.

Think of them as trial cards, so to speak, that can ignite the drive to actually obtain a permanent version of the player.

NBA 2K17 is also introducing new Dynamic Duo boosts to MyTeam.

If you’re able to pair together some of the NBA’s most dynamic duos in the league, both players will get a boost to their ratings. For example, the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and Klay Thompson is one duo you might aim to get.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and — wait a minute, never mind — but you get the concept.

There’s also a ton of new shoes (which we’ll talk about in just a second) players, , playbooks, coaches, arenas, logos and badges to acquire on your MyTeam journey.

MyTeam will be packed with content again this year, but some fans will focus on what it lacks when compared to MUT and Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show.

MyPark and Pro-Am

These two modes are similar, but different. I put them in the same subsection because 2K has worked in some important tie-ins. This year, players will be able to earn Park Rep by playing Pro-Am.

This makes a lot of sense because the concept is similar and it will encourage players who have played Pro-Am exclusively to try MyPark, and perhaps vice versa.

Aside from that, there wasn’t much information delivered on MyPark, but per 2K, the community can expect more details on the mode next week.

Pro-Am is the backbone of NBA 2K’s esports initiative and many of the gameplay enhancements were done to make the game more esports ready.

On that note, there will be rosters for Pro-Am teams. The owners don’t have to be present for the team to play,  as long as they have the required amount to put a team on the floor for the chosen terms.

You will be able to view all stats for players in Pro-Am and follow each player’s progression from amateur to elite status.

Along the way, more customization options will arise, as well as the opportunity to earn endorsements that will earn you more virtual currency (VC).

The teams that reach elite status by the cutoff will get an invitation to 2K’s next big esports tournament. It’s called the NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament, and it’ll take place in New Orleans–the site of this year’s NBA All-Star Game.

The prize will be $250,000 and tickets to the All-Star Game. It’s great to see 2K building a structure that can help to make stars out of the community’s best players.

MyLeague, MyGM and Playoffs

The first modes we learned about weeks ago were MyGM and MyLeague. As a franchise mode nut, I was blown away by the amount of customization and depth.

At the 2K event, I learned there was even more in store. To recap some of the previously published features, here are the biggest highlights:
  • Expansion (up to 36 teams)
  • Dynamic Expansion (start at 30 teams and the league will expand dynamically)
  • Start at any point in the season (on any day, you choose to start your journey with records, stats and injuries set according to the current state of the real NBA. You can also start in the offseason if you want to redo the draft and free agency.)
  • Full league customization (rebranding, relocation and realignment of all teams, rosters, players and divisions. That means you can create your own league in almost every sense of the word. )
That would have been enough to fly me to the moon, but as I mentioned, there’s more. Check out this new list of goodies:
  • Dynamic Rule Changes – Every offseason, the league’s competition committee will meet to discuss new rules. For example, there could be a change in the amount of time allowed to bring the ball into the frontcourt and more. I wanted to see if changing the shot clock would be possible, but I didn’t get a chance to check. You can turn these options off if you want, or in MyLeague, you can set all of the rule changes your self.
  • Pick Protections in Trades – Deals can now be made to protect draft picks throughout the lottery.
  • Advanced Rotations – In NBA 2K17, you can not only determine how many minutes your players play, but when those minutes will be logged. For example, if you wanted Derrick Rose to play six minutes in the first quarter, two in the second, four in the third and all eight minutes in the fourth for a total of 20, you’ll have that option. This will allow you to set up specific units as opposed to hoping the CPU finds the right mix of players. This makes it even easier for you to leave substitutions up to the CPU.
  • Dynamic Uniform Updates – New unis will be added to the game after launch, and they’ll be available in MyGM and MyLeague.
  • Retirements – Great players will have their  retired after long successful careers with a team.
  • Offseason Trading – This has been a missing piece it has now been added and it supports all-anew trading logic to keep things balanced and realistic.
Is it possible to make sugar even sweeter? Apparently, it is.

MyLeague Online has been taken to the next level as well. It will now support up to 80 seasons with player progression, regression, injuries, custom draft classes, lottery, offseason drafts and a new keeper feature inspired by multi-year fantasy sports leagues.

Essentially, players will have a contract of sorts with their user/owner that will allow them to stay on that team for a specified amount of seasons.

The depth is almost overwhelming.

In case you like the customization options, but don’t have the time to play through an entire season–let alone multiple campaigns–the playoff mode offers some of the same features.

You can build your own bracket made up of any teams in the game–except the Olympic squads. As you can probably tell, the original Dream Team and the 2016 Men’s National team can only be used in Play Now.

That’s unfortunate and it limits the appeal of having those teams in the game. That’s not a slight at MyLeague or MyGM, but it does make you wonder why those teams were even included.

If there’s a wish I’ve had for this mode that hasn’t yet been granted, it’s the ability to carry over saves from one version of the game to the next. As of now, MLB The Show is the only game in the genre that allows that level of cohesiveness in its annual product.

In any case. the best franchise mode in the history of sports video games has added even more distance between it and the closest competitor.

Customization (Shoes, Create-A-Player and Roster, Draft Class and Roster Creation and Editing)

Sneakers are a big deal and it’s clear 2K understands that. There will be more than 300 shoes in the game and all of them have been digitally scanned for optimal realism.

Even the Yeezys are in the game.

The shoes look phenomenal and all of the customization of existing models and creation of fantasy kicks returns.

The create-a-player suite has been about a six on a scale of 1-10. This year’s version is only going to raise that score to about 6.50.

There are no new hair styles. There may be a few new pieces of equipment, you still cannot give CAPs tattoos (unless its your MyPlayer) and there’s been no increase in the amount of skewing you can do during the face sculpting process.

Where does the 0.50 increase come from? Well, you can at least make players as tall as 7’7?. Previously, the cap was 7’2?. Also, the process of editing player attributes has been simplified.

Instead of being forced to go into each player’s edit screen to change attributes and details, you’ll be able to toggle over to any rating or detail to make changes on the team roster screen.

This is a deep niche aspect of the game that only a few weirdos like myself delve into, but it would have been nice to see a little more attention paid to this part of the game.

My biggest request for the CAP system is centered around the lack of hairstyles. If it mimicked the one in WWE 2K, with the option to alter length, we’d be right where we needed to be.

Obviously, tattoos are big missing piece and there needs to be more freedom provided when sculpting a face as well.

Aside from those things, roster and player creators should still have the tools to provide the community with more crowd-sourced goodness.


NBA 2K17 will again be the picture of depth as it pertains to a sports video game. There were only a few things missing from this part of the package, but in the grand scheme of things, there’s far more to enjoy than there is to miss.

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