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If you have already read Part 1 of "The Battle Customer Service: How to win the war", congratulations! You're halfway to becoming a professional. Follow these five steps and be on your way to bend the minds of the customer service representatives everywhere. Without further ado ...

6. Do not drink and dial.

Seems like a good idea at first, the mind says no, but the six-pack says yes. You've had a great relationship for years. Why throw all for a feud? You decide to pick up the phone again and see if they realize what they're missing. This logic has ever worked? Here's a hint: no. Call customer service in an altered state of mind, of course, make your request to fall on deaf, however, slightly funny ears. If you want customer service to make a complaint or concern seriously, save the six-pack for when you call your ex.

7. Call for hours of rest.

Yes, the hold music is the corporate version of the U.S. water torture. To keep your sanity intact, try calling after hours. What is after hours, you ask? If company X has 24x7 customer service, try calling after 10pm. If not, try calling Tuesday through Thursday from 10 am-8 pm or anytime on Sunday.

8. Do not call a "special issue".

The blog of an employee dismissed, a news station or a radio program can give you some "secret" and "internal" number of Company X. You can claim it will eliminate waiting time. Often, these "special numbers" are specifically for field technicians or department can not handle dark the problem. Call the main customer service and choose the correct department. The Towering Inferno is the Voice Response Unit can confuse your request to speak to "pay a bill in Iowa" to "cancel all services immediately in Connecticut," but just say "agent" of the URV can get that a real person, live. If the "agent" does not work, try similar terms such as "operator", "representative", "customer service", "parasite in the world of darkness", or "spawn of Satan."

9. Increasing, but only if necessary.

If there is light at the end of dark tunnel, ask for a supervisor, however, immediately ask the management if mishandled a previous call. Customer service representatives undergo weeks of training and often are more familiar with the problems of existing customers of their supervisors. Supervisors are there to ensure that customer service representatives are doing their job, but it is the job of customer service representative to handle the call and concern.

10. Consider carefully out of touch with the regulatory authorities.

If absolutely necessary, contact the Federal Communications Commission, established in 1934 to regulate communications by wire, cable, satellite, radio and television. FCC complaints are taken seriously and treated in the company X with a good training department in its statutes and regulations. Due to the escalating nature of this department, which may have longer waiting times and restricted hours of operation of regular customer service. If you have been completely, horribly, completely and unforgivably offended, do not hesitate to call a regulatory body. To file a complaint, but need not be any action taken with respect to your concern, call or e-mail to the company.

If you follow these ten tips the balance may swing in their favor. The customer service staff is with you.


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