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All companies strive to provide excellent customer service, but there's a fine line between service and servility. End is called servility servility. Now there's a word you know. Even if you do not know what it means, that you have experienced, perhaps in a restaurant, a clothing store, a car dealership, anywhere where employees expect under your care or sales are made reap great tips. One thing to be aware of and meet the needs of customers, and one that the present and "in your face" that customers think you want to be taken.

A few months ago, asked me a gift of steaks and roasts from a mail order business from some members of the family. When there is no recognition came, I called to see if she had achieved her present. As it turned out, the parcel service had left the package in the wrong direction, but people who had received it in error were honest enough to immediately call recipients to let them know about the mix up.

The only person who had made a mistake was the man who had misread the delivery of the shipping label, and nobody heard a word out of him or his company. The same can not be said of the meat. In his relentless pursuit to keep customers happy, representatives of the company started calling me daily to make sure I was still happy and to see if I wanted to buy more meat.

After the call for the umpteenth time that did not lead to additional purchases from me, asked my name and number removed from call list. Being nice did not work. Perhaps it would be more effective force. Note that he had absolutely no beef with the mail order company so far. It was at this point, however, that attention to customer service became obsessed by the customer.

I thought I had gotten the point across, but a week later I started getting calls to my work number. When you take advantage of the Caller ID function on my phone, I saw an area code and number you did not recognize. I replied in my usual way, but each time the caller said nothing and simply hung up. This happened several times until I checked the number and discovered it was the team won. This was out of control. I said no to my home number. The answer would be different in my line of business. Now they were interfering in my work day without saying a word.

A final call (and I emphasize the word final) arrived at 21:17 last week. The dinner was much more, and nobody in the house was thinking about food, especially not from T-bones. No one was consciously thinking of anything and everyone was asleep. It had taken nearly an hour to reach three years of age to stop complaining about having to go to bed, but at last he had derived from. That is, until the phone rang. I awoke from a deep sleep by the ringing of the phone and our son screaming mom.

Unawake also to check the caller ID, I answered. To my amazement, it was another company representative wanted to know if I was ready to order more steaks. It was time to take this bull by the horns. "No," I said, "now or never!" I do not remember exactly, but I'm sure I said that I had asked my name and number removed from their list. Who had the audacity to call so late at night was absolutely beyond my comprehension.

This experience is a clear example of how customer service can go wrong, very wrong. It is likely that this was part of someone misinterpreting the data and assuming that I had made a large order, which probably would do it again. Who knows? It might have at a later time, but the "excess" sales staff proved to be a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned.

Let this be a warning to all businesses need to think about the "hard sell" is going to work all the time. In many cases, it will backfire and have the opposite effect you want.

I recently conducted a study of the less-than-statistically valid vote (my office manager, my aunt, and a very nice woman behind me in line at Safeway) on bad customer service. Although not all results are in, here are ten tips to take seriously so that your customers really satisfied:

1. The fact that their business model says that customers should, in all likelihood, would be interested in buying something, do not assume you are kidding when you say no.

2. Limit unsolicited calls for the same person.

3. Call a reasonable hour.

4. After hearing "Hello," I really hear what the other person says.

5. Do not argue when the client says "no".

6. Honoring the wishes of the client.

7. If you are offering the service to someone in person, will be available, but do not hover.

8. An online order does not give you permission to call someone at home or work to provide a complement to purchases or services.

9. We know that many people have caller ID, so do not call and hang up without saying anything.

10. Ask yourself: Would you like to receive the call you are about to do?

This is only a starting point. Maybe you have some hobbies of your account. If so, send to our website. There are a lot of people we like to listen to a. Just do not contact me about buying everything that was on all fours and had a pulse until recently. Now I am vegetarian because the last person who did it!


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