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Author Topic: Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria -The Good, Bad and Ugly  (Read 462 times)

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The term “clearing and forwarding” sometimes appears like a self-explanatory contraction; “to clear” and “to forward.” Everyone knows it involves goods and documents and some regulations of importation and exportation, and rightly so.
 But in Nigeria where the business of importation and exportation appears the exclusive privy of Government and Big conglomerates or the more financially assured businesses, to assume that Clearing and Forwarding is common to every businessman is to assume everyone has been on a yacht.
In Nigeria, the average businessman knows a thing or two about Clearing and Forwarding until they’re asked to define simply what “clearing and forwarding” means. Hence to understand the state of Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria, we’d start by answering the question:
What is Clearing and Forwarding?
Simply put, clearing is removing goods or documents from somewhere and forwarding is dispatching it to where they should go.
Each time Amaka goes to the market, she clears goods from the seller’s shelf and she forwards them to her kitchen by carrying them home.
  This process although easy involves several steps and documentation she performS almost passively.
For example, she must know what she wants to buy. (Identification).
Next, she has to pay money, and she’ll be issued a receipt. (Documentation).
The seller wraps her yam for easier carriage. (Packaging).
And if the tubers become too heavy, Amaka can pay for a wheelbarrow service. (Freight forwarding).
Clearing and Forwarding Goods
The process of Clearing and Forwarding is similar although more expansive. It still involves the basic tenets of identification, packaging, documentation and freight forwarding.
You can do all this yourself for goods bought locally. However for imported items, you’ll need a clearing and forwarding agency to expedite this process.
For goods imported i.e bought from outside the country, the process although of course more advanced is basically still the same as taking the yams from your local market to your kitchen.
But In Nigeria like other countries with lack of information about Clearing and Forwarding services, procuring goods or documents abroad could be Good, Bad and Ugly
The Good
Speed. Affordable. Fewer regulations
Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria is quite fast. If you’re dealing with trusted agents like Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics ltd. It’s even faster.
This speed is due to Nigeria’s laws regarding imports and the likes which is remarkably friendly.
Also, with fewer businesses clearing and forwarding, your clearing and forwarding needs would be handled with greater urgency.
  Another positive about clearing and forwarding in Nigeria is the cost. Whilst the very thought of imports appear cost inhibitive, The real escalated cost comes from exorbitant agent fees and latent charges. Clearing and Forwarding  companies especially the ones without hidden costs and charges like Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics ltd significantly reduce this cost of importation
The Bad
Clearing and forwarding in Nigeria isn’t entirely smooth sailing however.
One snag in Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria is Lack of expertise that reveals a real lack of experience.
 There’s no easy way to put this but some agencies assume the roles of Clearing and Forwarding agents when in reality, they’re just freight forwarders. The result is that goods can and will be delivered but important details and documentation that must be vetted only by certified Clearing and Forwarding agents approved by the relevant authorities goes missing.
The familiar problems of goods being held up at port or failing clarification are the inescapable effects of unverified agents.
 Overcome this by using trusted agents like Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics ltd that have been around for the last two decades and half. They know their way around.
The ugly
While a lack of expertise and delays can be conceded as the opportunity cost of Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria, the real ugly is the danger of fraud which is palpable amongst businessmen who want to venture into clearing and forwarding.
  The fear of engaging fraudulent Clearing and Forwarding agents who would not only collect payment and not do anything or even worse, also steal both goods and payment is actually tangible in Nigeria.
To avoid this, you should use a service you trust. The keywords to seek in a Clearing and Forwarding company are Reliability, Consistency and Honesty. Few clearing agencies like Vagmon e-Grup& Logistics ltd offer such expensive virtues.
Clearing and Forwarding in Nigeria may appear formidable but with the right agents, it can be as dauntless as clearing your yam from the market.
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