Author Topic: A Woman will kill you and still play the victim  (Read 732 times)

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Everything now in this day and time is a gender war. I remember when Maryam Sanda stabbed her husband, you women here on Facebook tagged it a revolution. You rejoiced because women were no longer taking rubbish from men. Women were waking up and stabbing cheating husbands. You see how most of you are fools. Very big fools.

A man beats his wife for cheating you come here on Facebook and say "don't beat a woman no matter what she does".

A wife beats up side chic, you say nobody has the right to lay hands on another human. Nobody has the right to beat another human but killing a man for cheating is revolution. The same people who ask women to fight their husband's and leave side chicks alone find it unfair that the side chic who sent the text walks free while women is sentenced to death. Aren't you people very confused lots?

The bigger idiots among you are the ones who say the system is rigged, that a man would not have been convicted. Wow, I never knew men in Nigeria never get death sentences. Do we take a stroll down the prisons and see what gender is on death row more? If you have nothing reasonable to say shut up.

Nobody will consider the kids before convicting her. The kids would be taken care of by their relatives. Nobody denies justice because there are kids to take care of.

The oga kpata kpata of the oloribruku in the saga are those that use this as an avenue to preach fidelity to men. Remain faithful so that your wife won't stab you. Can't you see all of you are mad. If the cheating vex you, leave the marriage. That's what reasonable women do. They know they have lives to live. They know better men would come. They leave the marriage.

I watched the video and heard her shrill cry, the cry would do nothing. It won't stop justice. Your social media outrage will change nothing. She is as good as dead. I have no sympathy for someone who will stab a man in his sleep. If you can't sympathise with a man who beats his wife and lands her in a hospital, why would you do so for a woman who killed a man. Abi is killing not a worse crime than domestic violence?

Women will kill you and still play the victim. Maifrehn you're a murderer. Premeditated murder. It wasn't self defense. She killed him in cold blood. She executed him. She should be punished for it.

I am against death sentences but it hasn't been abolished in naija so nĂ¡ so we see am.

See how she just died because of man. She didn't even allow death hustle for her. She just gave herself to death. Jisike.


OCCUPY NIGERIA, sorry I mean MARRIAGES!!! ?🏽?🏽?🏽?🏽?🏽


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