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The kiss lingered and before they had time to process what was happening they were unclad. Passion filled breath reverberated round the room. The stuffy room seemed to have lost its effect. Rose felt her head spin and his touches and caresses sent sparks all over her. Was she really doing this? the warning bells rang but she was too weak willed to go contrary to the yearnings of her body.

His member was resting on her pelvis and she knew he would soon go in. This would be her first time with him and quite frankly she felt cheap. She would have preferred this happened after three dates not now. Just then a knock came on the door and it sounded urgent. They stopped in their tracks and waited, half expecting the knock to come again. Of course it did but this time louder. Logan groaned disappointedly and made for the door. His boxer was still on, he felt decent enough to answer the door.

Rose watched as he talked in whispers to the intruder and made his way outside to the passage and continued his conversation. Minutes later he was back, tension deflated, passion dead. He lay close to her, knowing he needed to warm her up if he wanted a continuation of what just transpired. He admired her naked body and made to kiss her. She gently avoided his lips. She made to stand up.

'I think I have to get going' she said without as much as taking a glance at him. She felt cheap and tears welled up her eyes. He scoffed,

'you're joking right?' he asked feeling his anger build. She remained silent as she searched the room for her panties.

'What then would happen to my erection?' he inquired, finding the whole scenario difficult to assimilate. Did he do something wrong or what? He was almost certain he was going to sleep with her and now this? She hadn't looked like she was joking. She was putting on her bra now. A dry mirthless laughter escaped Logan as he grabbed her.

'Who then is going to take care of this?' he said pointing to his throbbing member.

'Please let me go, I'm no longer in the mood'.

'Oh, I see, sex happens only when you're in the mood, you have no regard of what your I feel, what about what I want?' his eyes were bloodshot now. He couldn't believe this brat, she would get him aroused and announce she was no longer in the mood. He must have a taste, it wasn't about sex anymore, his pride felt bruised, how would he explain to his friends they got naked and she lost interest.

'Logan, let me go please, I will shout oh'.

He wasn't listening, he was enraged, he felt anger, lust and an urge to really hurt her enveloped him. Pushing her to the bed he straddled her amidst kicking and swearing and scratching, he had his way, after all he didn't rape her, he thought. She got naked by herself. At least that's what he felt. He didn't know his temporal loss of insanity would earn him cold nights in cell, awaiting trial. She had sued him for rape.


You know people mistake a lot of things for consent. That she got naked with you doesn't mean consent. It doesn't mean she would sleep with you. Some would get naked and change their mind while some would get naked just for a better feel of your body. Being naked never means consent, if she says no that is a no.

Also, having had sex with her previously doesn't mean consent. She may screw you without thinking twice today but that doesn't guarantee she will give it to you another time. You hear guys say,

'Imagine Bola telling me no, na wetin I never do before? I don chop am before so why she wan come do shakara now?'

She may have screwed you countless times but you need a proper consent each time you are about having her again.

Being your partner is not consent. Men rape wives and claim she is their property. Boyfriends rape girlfriends, she's his anyways so doesn't have the right to say no. She isn't a piece of furniture. If you like sell your company in order to pay her bride price, her no is her no.

Assuming she is just playing hard to get isn't consent. When one tries playing hard to get you seduce them not force them. You don't pounce on a lady because you assume she is just being a lady by being difficult.

The only time you can have sex with a woman is when she consents to it fully either verbally or through body language. Rape is evil, stay away from it.

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