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Surfing the web lately, you've seen "Ads by Gooooooogle" on many web sites you've visited. Every day, more and more website owners are finding out exactly how to make money from Google, therefore, that many web publishers are actually making a full time income just having Google ads on their websites. So what is Google Adsense?

You have noticed in many web sites, the "Ads by Goooooogle" followed by a number of ads. Well visit Google and see themselves on the right, and sometimes on the top page of search results, "Sponsored Links". These are like the classified ads you see in the daily press. Companies are paying to have your ad to be featured in this space, depending on the search phrases you are typing in the Google search box. Instead of a fixed price, however, advertisers bid on each other for your ad to appear, with the highest bidder getting the number 1 slot. This program is called Google Adwords. "

While that was a great success, advertisers are limited to only see your ads on Google. Then Google came up with the idea of ??paying a percentage of website owners of the fee to pay for commercials, the ads on their own sites. This became the "Google AdSense" program.

Freedom to join this program has become a popular way to add a new source of revenue, but more than that, some web site publishers began to build websites specifically for this program from Google. The development of ads that advertisers were paying for the majority (so the percentage of commissions are higher), web site publishers are building sites specifically aimed at these high paying commissions offer - a living to send people from their sites!

As I say, the program is free to join, with an application to fill, but Google must approve before it can start. The good news is that once they have been approved for the site in the first place, there is no need to reapply for additional Web sites.

But before you apply, you must have a website that has to be complete. The site should also contain what Google considers valuable content. This is the first step in making those profits. But before thinking of designing your website, it is vitally important to choose a topic, preferably paying high commissions - after all, will not benefit from anything without any website visitors, no matter how good your site looks!

There are several tools on the web you can use to check the popularity of keywords: has a valuable free report you can download and a free trial of their service tracking keywords.

Overture. com is a company that competes with Google to place ads, and has a research tool keywords that also gives the number of searches for each term has had in the last month. You can find the tool here:

Google also has a research tool keywords to advertisers here:
https: / / / select / main cmd = KeywordSandbox

Once you have identified the issue, and you know the keywords that will lead you through the content of your website, you are ready to build your site.

The design can be simple - in fact, do not go for a site design too complex. You want your pages to appear early, with the visitors to see its contents and all important Google Adsense ads.

You also want to make sure you have optimized your pages for search terms you identified. One way is by using articles already published (on the subject in question) with reprint rights, but add an introduction, using the keywords / phrases to explain the reader what the article is about.

For example, for this article, if you were targeting the keyword phrase "Google Adsense" and "web site publishers" who could have written:

Many web publishers are discovering the benefits obtained through Google Adsense. Vic Carrara provides an introduction to what Google Adsense is and how Web site publishers can generate income to send people to their websites.

- And, for emphasis, to the first line in H1 tags, the second in H2 tags -

When your site is complete with a wide range of articles on the topic chosen, it is time to apply for a Google AdSense account. You can find the application form

You should only take a few days for Google to approve (or reject) your website. If, unfortunately they are rejected, just follow these tips from Google and make changes to your site, then reapply. Reading through the information on the website Google AdSense can help you avoid mistakes that may get rejected. Once approved, you must have a good look at all the facilities you have available, and customize their Google AdSense ads to match the style of your own website and feel.

Once done, you can start putting Google AdSense search boxes on every page of your website, but make sure you have read the terms and conditions at the top of Google. For example, if you have a thank you page that visitors arrive at after subscribing to a newsletter, the Google AdSense ads should not be used on that page!

Is allowed to have two ad units per page and a Google search box. To use this, perhaps using a skyscraper in the left hand side or right side of the page. Google AdSense benefits experts agree that the right-hand page has the most clicks. Place an ad extra, either on top or bottom of each page, using the rectangle ad units.

Sidebar: There are several Internet forums that focus on techniques for using Google Adsense profitable. Here are some of the most popular:

Place ads on each page that you can in your website. This includes the addition of Google AdSense ads to their blogs and forums. It may take up to twenty four hours for relevant ads to start appearing in the pages of your website. Until then, you probably have a public service announcement.

Once your ads, make sure they are relevant to the content on their pages. If not, make changes to the pages. You may have to change the names of HTML files using keywords. Set the keywords in your meta tags, keywords and keyword density and all content of the page. Change the text in the title tag and / or change of t = the text of the headers H1 and H2. Load new pages, and see if the ads are more relevant. Still working on it until it - this is important if you want to maximize their income.

Sounds like hard work?
Well, yes, while you are learning.
But once you get the hang of it, realize you are creating hands free income.

Once your site is as good as can be, and the ads are relevant, it's time to start marketing the website. This may include a variety of current popular methods, such as pay per click advertising, forum marketing, article marketing, distribution of newsletters to your opt-in list, participating in newsgroups and lists e-mail discussion, using a signature file ... and so on. The more traffic you can reach your site, get more clicks on their Google AdSense ads.

So what? Keep updating your website, keep marketing the site, and you will soon see Google AdSense earnings. As you learn, and how to develop an understanding of how to do it all, you may want to create a series of sites on different topics for further revenues from Google AdSense!

Good luck!


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