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Author Topic: Online Digital Marketing Explained, Internet Advertising Explanation  (Read 5474 times)

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Digital marketing explained, the essence of this article is to explain digital marketing hence the title Online digital marketing explained and internet advertising explanation.

Online digital marketing just like any other formS of marketing medium helps you to reach the right audiences in order to market your products, services, ideas etc via internet.
 Digital marketing has 6 components; they’re online contents marketing, social media marketing, online affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, online display ads and mobile marketing.

Each of these components above has strategy, techniques and options to effectively use them in order to maximize their impact to your digital marketing goals. Online display ads for example has
1.banner exchange method (where you exchange your banner with another website owner);
2.paying for placing banner to a particular e.g allows you to pay for banner to be rotating all over the community);
3.contextual ads (your ads is displayed when particular keywords are searched in search engines, and whenever there’re contents that match what you’re selling or marketing).

 Still in online display ads there is “above the folder and “below the folder” display ads.  This digital marketing explained I will go into all the 6 digital marketing components explanation one by one in this thread latter. You can search online community and our website as we have written many articles and e-books in various digital marketing subjects.

Digital marketing has channels/platformS, it all depends in your target audience, this will determine where, how and which digital marketing platformS to use. There are thousands of digital marketing platformS out there for example African open forum, facebook, general social network, African region social networking website, for website hosting in Nigeria, digital marketing agency, where buyers and sellers meet, and much more out there.

Digital marketing has tools in which to be used in carrying out its various platformS or channels strategies and online marketing activities, below are major digital marketing tools:

Article (reviews articles, education articles, sales articles etc)
Press release
PDF (presentations, report etc)
Case study
QR (quick response codes for mobile marketing)
Text message
News letters

Needless to say digital marketing doesn’t exist in isolation, there must be a digital marketing plan (download digital marketing plan template, go to the template link you should have goals and objectives you want to achieve, this will be the reason behind organization or company digital marketing, also strategy (Download digital marketing planning and strategy ebook go to the ebook download link )

Some of things digital marketing does:
Passing an information
Increase popularity
Create awareness
To project goodwill

Some of objectives of digital marketing:
Create awareness
Increase a sale
Inform consumers about change in a product
To compete
Build or repair public opinion
To create awareness to new variety of product
Use advertising as a tool to introduce a new product to the market

Promotional elements digital marketing employs:

Direct marketing: Email, sales articles, Spokesman
Publicity: Review by online writers,   ( the success of a PR campaign is measured in terms of impressions—the number of times a company is mentioned in on the internet, there’re tools out there to track this.)
Public relation: press release, video news release (VNR)
Word of mouth (social media mentioning e.g. users mentioning you/your organization in African region social networking site)
Corporate image
Guerrilla marketing (unconventional passing of information, eg human billboard, tricking online users to install malware that later start pop up ads in users machine etc).
Product placement is paying an online community to include a product or service prominently in the forums threads.

This is digital marketing explained and internet advertising explanation by ( is World class Nigeria’s based digital marketing agency )
Logged uses tools such as educative Articles, Press release, Text links, Banners, Online presentations, and Videos to reach and enlighten Nigerians Online. Visit|Like us on


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                                  Online Digital marketing jargons
Can be local or metro, regional, or you can even place your ads on sites that are national in scope!

Site specific targeting
Your ads will be displayed on highly-recognized or relevant niche sites with this strategy. This is a very cost effective method for gaining maximum visibility building your brand on popular sites.

Behavioral targeting
This technique targets your advertisements to people who have shown online behaviors and interests that are relevant to your business. It ensures that your ad dollars are directed towards sites that drive the best quality visitors.

The remarketing technique targets your ads to valuable prospects that have shown an interest in your brand by already having visited your landing page or website. Essentially, it familiarizes your brand with interested site visitors and can entice them towards the purchasing phase.

This combines two advanced targeting technologies: 1) Search Retargeting – targets prospects by showing your display ad to consumers how have searched for your keywords; and 2) Site Retargeting – targets consumers who have already visited your site and your ad is shown to them repeatedly as they surf.

This is common parlance for weblog, a kind of website or component within a website whereby an individual may post journal entries which are then viewable by visitors to the site, ordered from the most recent to the eldest entries.

This is kind of client software with which a user can access resources on the internet, and which renders the markup language as the web page seen by the user. Although all browsers perform the same basic functions, additional capabilities vary widely from browser to browser. The most common browsers in use today are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla’s FireFox, and the much respected Opera. Safari for the Macintosh has also quickly become a favorite amongst Apple users.

Business Hosting
This is hosting that provides for a range of features and a level of performance and reliability that is suitable for commercial websites, such as online stores or corporate sites.

This is a multimedia format and application created by MacroMedia, now owned by Adobe. Flash allows a person to create highly functional and visually appealing web content, and has become the standard format for such content. It is known to be rather difficult to learn, but its capabilities are impressive. It provides capabilities for audio, video, streaming, and vector animations, and is able to communicate with PHP and with databases, allowing for dynamic content.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
This is the standard markup language used in web pages. HTML contains the text of a web page, as well as an extensive range of code which instructs the browser as to how the web page should be displayed, such as the color of the text, the background image to be used, tables, hyperlinks, and the like.

IMAP (currently Internet Message Access Protocol)
This is a remote mail box protocol, which is much more advanced than the much more common POP method of retrieving email. It provides advanced capabilities and a wealth of functions not supported by POP, but has not caught on yet with most internet users.

IP Address
This is a numeric address which identifies a particular resource on an IP network such as the internet. The format of an IP address is, with each xxx representing a number between 1 and 254, the decimal representations of the underlying 8-bit “octets.” For a resource to be accessible on the internet, it must have an IP address assigned to it, and no 2 devices can have the same publicly accessible IP address.

POP (Post Office Protocol)
This is the standard protocol used by mail clients to connect to and retrieve mail from mail servers. The current version is 3, and is sometimes referred to as POP3

Log Analyzer
An application which reviews the contents of log files, and arranges that data in a way that can be easily read and understood by humans

Shopping Cart
This is a kind of software which, in conjunction with a database, allows products to be browsed and ordered online, and usually involves the implementation of a 3rd party payment gateway to complete credit card transactions. If you intend to sell products online, you will most likely use a shopping cart to facilitate this.

This is slang for junk email, also known as unsolicited email. These are emails that are sent to large numbers of recipients trying to sell them on everything from weight loss products to loans, and are often associated with scams. Spam has become a big problem on the internet, and most ISPs and web hosts are constantly taking measures to reduce the amount of spam that is received by their customers, or passed through their network.

Also known informally as a “blog,” this is a kind of website or component within a website whereby an individual may post journal entries which are then viewable by visitors to the site, ordered from the most recent to the eldest entries.

This is an individual who builds, publishes, maintains, and updates websites. Webmasters can be thought of as website administrators, as opposed to network and systems administrators, who handle the infrastructure behind the website. Webmasters do not necessarily handle all of the processes involved in the creation and maintenance of a website, and may act more along the lines of a manager than a developer or designer.

Web Mail
This is a manner of accessing your POP mail by way of a web-based interface. This is commonly used to access mail when not at a computer setup to retrieve their email through an email client.

Web Server
This is a server which is setup to serve documents, usually built in HTML or server side scripting languages, over HTTP connections. This may refer either to the machine itself, or to the web server software, such as IIS or Apache, that is running on the machine for this purpose.

Web Site
This is a structured collection of documents and associated files which contain everything necessary to instruct a web browser on how to render a site and what content it contains. These are usually written in HTML, but commonly also use CSS, scripts, Flash, and other components that expand the capabilities of the site beyond that provided by HTML alone. Web sites are hosted with web hosts on web servers, usually housed in a data center.

Above the fold
The area on the web page that is viewable without the viewer having to use the vertical scroll bar. Ad space in this area is usually more expensive since it is more likely to be viewed by the visitor.

Ad space
The space on a web page reserved for the displaying of advertisements. The assigned space is typically at the top or bottom of a page or, if a small advertisement, in the right or left column. The most desirable ad space is above the fold.

A graphic that appears on a web page that is usually hyperlinked to an advertiser’s website. The banner may be in a variety of formats including GIF, JPEG, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript and other formats.

Call to Action:
A message that prompts a reader to take an action or behave in a way you want them to.

The process of planning, creating, buying and tracking an advertising project from start to finish.

A process by which a small file is sent from a web server to the local user’s computer to store information unique to that browser. Often used by advertisers to keep track of the number and frequency of advertisements that have been shown to a visitor or by sites to help them determine the number of unique visitors.

Copy Writing
The process of writing text for an advertisement that gets readers’ attention, generates interest, and prompts action.

CPA (Cost per acquisition)
One of the online payment methods by which advertisers pay for every sale or acquired client. Prices typically range from $1 to $500 or, if calculated on a percentage of the sale, 1% to 25% of the sale price. This is a preferred method of payment for advertisers who want to guarantee only the number of customers generated as a result of an advertisement.

CPC (Cost per click)
Traffic - made very popular by and then Google AdWords. With this method of purchasing traffic, the advertiser only pays for the traffic that goes to their website. This is a preferred method of payment for advertisers who need to guarantee they only pay for those surfers who click on the advertising link or banner and then go to their site.

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
One of the online payment models by which advertisers pay for every 1000 impressions of their advertisement. This is a preferred method of payment for advertisers who want to guarantee only the number of people who see their banner.

Flash technology, built-in Adobe FLASH creative software, which is used in creating interactive banner and button advertisements.

 A term used to describe the number of times the same advertisement is shown to the same visitor during a particular session or time frame. This can be monitored through the use of cookies.

Graphical interchange format is a graphical file extension. Most banner advertisements are created in the GIF format. GIF89a or animated GIFs are a sequence of standard GIF images combined to create animated banners.

Impressions: The number of times a banner or text ad was requested and presumably seen by users. It is often hard to obtain an accurate impression count as impressions can be under counted due to issues relating to cache or they can be over counted due to requests that were not completed.

This stands for pay per click; this is means you pay for user clicks on your advert.

This stands for pay per action, it means that advertiser pays for a user perform a particular action, eg fill a form, download application etc.

This stands for pay per lead; this means advertiser pays when a user becomes a lead.

Digital marketing Jargon sources:,, and

Logged uses tools such as educative Articles, Press release, Text links, Banners, Online presentations, and Videos to reach and enlighten Nigerians Online. Visit|Like us on


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                            6 Components of Digital Marketing Explained:
Online contents marketing
Online contents marketing is component of digital marketing that focuses on creating contents such as articles, infograph, whitepaper, blogging and so on.

Social media marketing
Social media marketing focuses on marketing your products/services via social media platformS, there’re sponsor contents, display ads and users engagement by interacting with social media members and users. Some categories of social media platformS are Social networking websites,  wikis websites, news aggregator websites, forums websites e.g, photo share websites, file sharing websites.
Online affiliate marketing
Online affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing that allows you to have other websites owners and internet users advertising and promoting your products and services and get paid a commission whenever sales is made or particular action is performed by the user/person they refer through their affiliate links.

Search engine marketing
Search engine marketing is a component of digital marketing where your message, advert or content is displayed and shown on search engines. There is paid and organic search.
1. A paid search, paid search adverts are displayed on top, beside and button of searches,  and  
2. Organic search, organic search is that result you get whenever you perform a search in search engines using keywords.  Organic search is achieved faster mostly by SEO (search engine optimization), in search engine optimization there are Onpage and Offpage optimization.

Online display ads
Online display ads this component of digital marketing has been explained in my first post at the top this thread.

Mobile marketing
Mobile marketing is a component of digital marketing that focuses on mini devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc.  This is often carried out using optimized mobile landing pages, applications, QR(quick response codes) text message etc.
Logged uses tools such as educative Articles, Press release, Text links, Banners, Online presentations, and Videos to reach and enlighten Nigerians Online. Visit|Like us on

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