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To me, I couldn’t figure what else a married man with 2 kids wanted with Edafe. That wasn’t bad enough but was shocked how she had played right into him. Whatever he was using was working because that first clash led to a lot of other clashes.

I thought after that incident, everything would go back to normal. Well, at first it did.

Ike’s kids had gotten fond of Edafe and would always want to speak to her. That in itself showed how much they had spoken and communicated even while he was at home. She would tell me how he would go out for a stroll and speak to her endless, only to come back in and pass the phone to his 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son.

Ike had invited her on countless occasions to lunch and dinner (and he was sure to add that it was the kids that wanted to see her)

It went on and on. She always deleted his pin off her Blackberry Messenger and according to her; it always mysteriously found its way back to her Messenger without her knowing how.

Beneath is a chat fight that came up when one of his issues came up

Tommywah, Edafeeee™

Edafeeee™: This relationship ended a long time ago
Edafeeee™: You don’t just know it!!! Like I’ve always had my plan B-Z
Tommywah: They’re so many surprising things
Tommywah: Popping up
Tommywah: So why was I giving my all and all my head to it if you knew this
Tommywah: Why did you lemme hold on to something you knew was false
Edafeeee™: I tot we could work things out buh obviously no!!!!
Edafeeee™: You killed my love level daily
Edafeeee™: This is not me!!!!!!!!
Tommywah: Even if its not working, you’re still saying all the me right and you wrong thing
Tommywah: Its all good
Tommywah: I killed it daily
Tommywah: I was the devil that took all your joy away
Tommywah: I caused all the pain
Tommywah: I caused all the tears and your getting plan B – Z. Like you said earlier, right?
Tommywah: I accept it all
Tommywah: Its fine
Edafeeee™: My heart used to skip 4 u now itz just lame
Tommywah: I caused that too
Tommywah: I totally changed and transformed you to what you are now
Tommywah: I accept that too
Edafeeee™: I’m tired of begging, saying sorry 4 issues all in the name of not wanting to lose u, not wanting u to be angry n all
Tommywah: But me having to have lived psuedo 2 yrs
Edafeeee™: When all you fuss about is Ike. Making me feel m doing something wrong. I keep begging every week. Who survives like that?

I wasn’t sure what to think anymore. Maybe she was right, maybe she wasn’t. But all the hiding was driving me nuts. Trying to break up wouldn’t be an issue but what if I was faced with the same issues in another relationship, would I simply jump ship once more?

I decided to stick on and fight some more for what I believed in.

A holiday and was glad to have some time off work. We hung out and decided to be alone. We got our time off and then Edafe’s phone rings. Guess who was on the other end? You bet that right. Ike was at it again. Edafe then abandon me and stayed on the phone for close to 2 hours with him. The last I heard, “even my boyfriend is here but it’s ok to speak to you”.

I decided I had had it this time. That surely was the last straw.

Trust Edafe with her skills. She somehow explained it away and once more, I let it go.

I’m not saying I’d given all my time to the relationship but I was trying to give as much as I could to it. We always found time to talk everyday. We were still an item and just couldn’t understand what was happening right about now. To me, she was simply slipping away and she didn’t know it or didn’t seem to care.

In all of this, I also have friends (female ones of course), but they were just friends.  At least, my chats with them didn’t clear up mysteriously and I was plain with Edafe with discussions with them. I could tell her anything and everything. Though cheating never crossed my mind. Not that I didn’t see other attractive ladies (and I wasn’t sort of ladies falling for me, I don’t look that bad).

Issue after issue came up and we kept settling. She would come back and apologize; stating that she didn’t mean to hurt me and all.

But still that didn’t stop her from speaking to Ike. Sometimes, she would come clean and tell me that he called and she didn’t pick up (he calling I believed always but her not picking up part, emmmmmm………)

To read the full text, go to

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