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Definition: emotions is a strong feeling deriving from ones circumstances, mode or relationship with others.
 They're also states of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influences behaviours.
 Todays lesson is about understanding yourself and others. 👉Why you do things the way you do them.👈
 Text 1Thessalonians  5:23.
Recall that man is a spirit which possesses a soul and lives in body.
A man is made of
*Soul (this has 3 parts emotion, will and mind)
Let's dig deep for better understanding 👉 Gen 1:27
Gen 2:7 ( the difference between Gen 1:27 and Gen 2:7 is create (bara) and formed (asah or yatshar)
**Gen 2:22 (Made

👉Gen 6:5. Proof of God having Emotion
👉Mathew 21:12 Jesus himself showed emotion here
👉 the Holy spirit also has emotion

**Our personality is made up of : character and Emotion. **
Your personality defines how God or man will work with you. We must give attention to pur emotions, most of the decisions we take is emotional.
   We have 4 basic types of people that's personality.
1. Choleric , they're born leaders, easily outspoken, vision orientated, they can speak out loud. They make good CEOs

2. Melancholy: they're cool organised, sentimental, very moody, they can easily withdraw to themselves, they're good managers

3. Sanguine: outspoken, they're like winds, they tell stories with salt and peppers. They're also scattered in organizations. They're selfless, they're great evangelists, they make people happy. They're good marketers.

4. Phlegmatic: they're slow, don't push them, they can keep secret.

*spirit controlled temperament * this is the temperament that's controlled by the Holy spirit. The Holy spirit uses our weakness and strengths to get his will done on earth.

* Secondary emotions *
 These are emotions we acquired which can be worked on
2. Loneliness
4. Hatred
6. Envy
7. rejection

👉Note: when you get pregnant, be careful what you say, your bitterness etc are all connected to your baby and they magnet those negative words you speak.
Remember to always speak to your pregnancy and speak to the baby while inside the womb. These helps to shape the future of that baby. And once they're born, those words will reflect on him or her.

**Remember to also help your kids to manage their emotions

👉👉Note: people can forget what you say to them but they can't forget how you made them feel.

EMOTION is very deadly when it's not managed properly. This is why people can kill out of anger or provocation.
 Never allow your emotions to control you, your heaven and hell depends on your ability to control your emotions and remember that your thoughts can always control your emotions. what you're thinking about. As a man thinketh in his heart, So he is.

👉👉 Never take a decision out of emotions or judging from one side, always make your decision based on the word of God and never emotions.

**Depression is emotions gone wrong**
👉 If you want to be a person people can trust, you must learn how to manage your emotions. This shapes the way you talk, act or behaves and people sees those part faster than you do.
👉1.Mathew 26:37-39 . when you're wrapped up in emotions, learn to seek external help from qualify spiritual partners.

👉👫Maturity is when you can manage your emotions, This is the secret of success in marriage. Devil comes in uninvited when there's an emotional breakdown in marriage, never allow your emotions to open doors for devil in your life or marriages.

2.Renew your mind with the word of God.
3. You can be angry for injustice and sin but never use it to destroy your relationship with man and God.

Mathew 26:40-41 watch and pray lest you enter into temptations. In prayers certain deadly stuffs are avoided.
Misfortune, disaster, sorrow, pain and heartbreak are what awaits people of prayerlessness.

 Acts 9: 33-35 .Jesus can heal you tonight. Ask

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Very important. Many wars in life have been won or lost due to emotions. Glad to read this piece.



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