bo I was raised in Orlu,Imo State,And I am very proud of my humble beginnings


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Author Topic: I was raised in Orlu,Imo State,And I am very proud of my humble beginnings  (Read 423 times)

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I was raised in Orlu,Imo State,And I am very proud of my humble beginnings .. a time when everyone treated each other like family,
We went outside to play in the streets, built dens and climbed trees and did handiwork for school together making brooms out of palm fronds.

We didn't eat fast food ....
We ate cooked Groundnuts, Kulikuli, fried groundnuts,Puff Puff, Buns, Ojukwu finger, agidi jollof with biscuit bone, redoil rice cooked with bonga fish, poridge ede cocoyam) akidi agworo agwo, aki awusa and ukwa, we had lolipop sweets,haks and home made food with chewing gum gotten from udara fruit.

We ate a lot of cashews,used the cashew nut water for tribal marks(igbu nki),we ate fruit from the umbrella tree that we call fruit hahaha, we painted our finger nails with laali that you have to soak and place on your nails for a while to imprint the color.
We got water proof tied ice cream sold with plastic buckets and iceblock.

We played ten-ten, gbaa egwu onwa,gaa block rosary and played  hide and seek my name sweet o, nwa eze owa cos of my gap teeth, we played ncho and kpumkpumkpu ogene and then enjoyed visiting our neighbors, Families and friends.
There was no bottled water , we drank water from the tap or bought Ice-water.

If we had a drink,we would share the same bottle of juice, after giving it a wipe with our mucky sleeves.
We had a tv only to be switched on at 4pm on weekdays and 10am on weekends, we sneaked out of our relatives or grandparents bikes to ride or played in the rain for hours.
There was no such thing as a mobile phone or any other electronic device, the village town crier is responsible for going around the village in the night with his ogele to circulate information,We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING (except maybe the Nurse cos of injection, the Nuns because I schooled in the convent Daughters of Divine Love Abakpa nike,our teachers at school Maka ipia utali and our parents Maka iba Mba with screaming,

We had fights, fist fights and Kids didn't have guns or knives,we played mama & cooked with sands and tins, anyi kpokwara oga too,

The street lights from the community big men were your curfew or until your Mom shouted out the window. School was mandatory, .

The days of going to school in groups just so we can gist and buy water proof ice cream,popcorn, make me well and Gudygudy plus condense milk suya,akara oku and sugarcane with our pocket money.

WILLIE WILLIE was our horror movie, ZEBRUDAYA IN THE MASQUERADE was our soap and nta channel Aba was our cartoon network.

Mighty Igor and Hulk Hogan were our favorite wrestlers,and mom would warn us not to collect sweet from a stranger if you dont want to turn to a tuber of yam,  Lol, and not to let a boy touch your hand if you don't want to get pregnant imagine lol.

You will almost pluck out all the leaves of any nearby flower if a boy is chasing you and you can't even look at his face,we wrote love letters and our bribe eating younger brothers were the coureer, a boy chasing you wouldn't dare enter your compound, na to block you if you are lucky to be sent on an errand and you will be afraid of uncles and aunts catching you bcos na for your ear them go draw you go house with the boy running away..

We would NOT disrespect our elders because we knew we'd get flogged with belt or shoe or wooden spoon thrown at you while you run to escape from your disappointed family, and not forgetting the koboko invisibly hidden in every corner of the house.
You must also get up for an elder to sit down wherever and apologize to the adults even if the elder is wrong bcos he's senior .

Inter-street football match was superb during our time) remember playing a lot of monkey post holiday competitions.

Dancing house to house during Christmas, eating ice fish stew rice with your bare hands with all your cousins from a tray was pure delight..
I can never forget where I came from and how God got me here...
I will always be proud of my humble neighbourhood and love filled environment...

I will always treasure my community Umuzike Orlu where I built most of my sweet childhood memories.
And if you fail to attend mass every morning, confessions every Friday and not receive HOLY COMMUNION on Sunday at St Patrick's Catholic Church Umuzike, you are qualified as onye Ekwensu mara rubit N'Ishi by my parents and you must explain what sin you have committed 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Don't ever forget your humble home and environment where your life all began.

Don't ever let anyone make you feel that your environment, home or village is evil,  even if it is, you could become the CHANGE they have been waiting for, afterall change, positive change begins with us .

Despise not the days of little beginning..
Forget not the accient land marks.
May this new month bring us a complete turn around for good .
Ndeewo nu oooooooooooooooo

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