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I asked my dad this question. Why are we like this 59yrs after?

His answer..

You need to be here 59yrs ago! This place was a Bush!

1. In 59 Years,  we have at least a fairly looking city of Abuja. Note, Abuja was a thick forest 59yrs ago.

2. 59 yrs ago, we have only one university.  The. UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN.. Today, we've 154 Universities just in 59yrs

3. 59yrs ago, we've less than  200 qualified Doctors in the whole country.  59YRS after,  Unilag alone,  produces 250 Doctors per annum.

4. 59yrs ago, in fact 30 yrs ago, Lekki Peninsula was a mangrove.  Today, it ranks among the fastest developing estates in the world.

5. There was no Nigerian Pliot 59 yrs ago. Today, we  have female Nigerian Pilots flying planes with international airlines.

6. The first African Nation to participate and win a Junior world Cup. We've won it 5 times. We have even won Olympics Gold medals in Football and High Jump. ...

7. The total National Income of the Nation was less than 1B USD 59yrs ago. All the so called Cotton, Groundnut pyramids, Cocoa etc generated less than 1B USD  as at 1960. Today, Nigerias' FDI is 20B USD per annum. That's Progress we seemed not to measure.

8. ANPA - Association of Nigerian Physicians in Northern America,  New York branch has 5000 Nigerian Doctors and Medical Professionals.  2nd highest ethnic group of Physicians in the United States and UK after India....that's progress in  Intellectual Development.

9. Within 59yrs of corporate existence, we've produced a Nobel Prize Winner,  A Pulitzer Award Winner, and other professional leaders of global repute

10. In 59yrs,  we now do Renal Surgery,  IVR, Organ Transplant,  and some good scientific breakthroughs.

11. We have dropped fetishness and poor hygiene to an extent that Polio and Cholera had been eradicated.  This had dropped the number of children per woman from an average of 8 in 1960 to 3 -4  in 2019.

13. We contribute about 5% of global fossil fuel. This had earned Billions of Dollars,  though not properly managed but had kept our finances as a Nation.

14. We had fought the Civil War and recovered,  we had survived about 5 Military regimes and survived, we had had 20yrs of uninterrupted democracy.

15. Most of us reading this post are living in a "Cement Building" wanna know how houses are built 59yrs ago,? Pay a visit to your granny's building in the "village"

16. There was a story that the Entire Northern Nigeria had less than 10 graduates as at 1959. The dearth of human capital was touted as the reason Sir Ahmadu Bello deferred independence to 1960 for fear of dominance of the fairly educated south. Check the number of graduates ABU alone  produces per year as at 2019.

17. 1960, the Oba or Igwe or Emir of your village was a god! They even have power of lives!  2019 , you can take him to court if he infringes on your rights....!

18. Almost 2 Million Nigerians write JAMB per year. That's 2Million people that can at least read and write.  Check the population of Nigerians that can read as at 1960.

19. How many Military Generals do we have 59yrs ago? How Many Naval Admirals? How many Airforce Commanders? How many Professors? How many Vice Chancellors , How many Military Bases, Banks? Bank Directors and Managers? SME Directors, Music Producers, World Class Singers and Composers, Authors,  Doctors and Nurses, Engineers,  Architects, Business Men and Women?.....etc......all we have then were itinerant subsistence farmers and the elites are village teachers isn't it?
The entire SW Nigeria had only one TV and One Radio Station as at 1960. Today, we've over 200 functional  private radio & TV stations just within 59yrs

20. I think overall,  we've tried as a Nation.


In all, I think we've tried.

Let's also look at the thieves we have. The looters who prefer to plunder the treasury, those who prefer to buy cars instead of paying their aides, those who are nepotic,  the unfits in power, the godfathers,  the vision less leaders,  the  selfish politicians,  i think we could do better if we had had patriotic people running our affairs..

Yes we lacked purposeful leadership, since we've been able to factor this out, we could work on this area and have a better Nigeria to bequeath to our children. ...

Happy Independence!!!


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Nigeria as a country has overcomes many things. God bless all of us.


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