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Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie writes...

Sometime last year, a letter trended on social media. I don't know how many of you remember it, but it was a Nigerian who had written the Nigerian embassy in her country of abode, asking for a rescind of her Nigerian citizenship.

As at then, she held dual citizenship and is German (also).

She is Igbo and from her base in Germany, is leadbo and from her base in Germany, is leading the boycott elections and other agitations in the South East. Some of you may know her, but she encourages unarmed Igbo youth to dare the Nigerian government and get killed.

But, she is currently neither Nigerian nor Biafran; she is German.

But she is also Igbo - or Igbrew if you may.

My point? She is well insulated from any fall outs of the rabid positions she takes on matters that concern ndi Igbo.

Another lady on social media, I used to like and respect until the day after unarmed Igbo youth were slaughtered like flies in Onitsha or so. She had encouraged the demonstrations and protests, supported it and given it all the vocal backing it needed from her base in the UK.

The day after the massacre, she came on Facebook live.

She was on vacation with her family in Spain.

She was eating an icecream and commenting on how lovely her vacation was blablabla; then paused to remember to encourage the boys in Igbo land to stand steadfast against the tyrant Buhari yada yada yada...

That day, I logged out of my Facebook account and wept.

Very bitter tears.

i spoke with one or two people here about it and they understood my grief as we tried to wrap our minds around the incongruity of it all.

You and your family are safe and cocooned from the madness in Nigeria; but you see nothing wrong in pushing gullible youth to their death when you dog whistle them to go out headlong and unarmed, face the well equipped Nigerian army.

So, when you see me trolling her, now you know why. I do think she is mad, certifiably so and as far as I am concerned, she diminished in my eyes that day (yes, yes, come and tell me that I am jealous because I can't afford to go on holiday, then go and sniff your own anus, because the joke is on you).


Here is the point at which I ALWAYS fall out with the IPOB activists: it would have been good to know that when they make these harum scarum pronouncements with little to no strategy other than hoping that their propaganda either starts an inter ethnic war; or provokes Buhari to send in troops to the South East and murder unarmed youth in order to attract attention to the Biafran cause; that most if not all of them are doing that from within Nigeria and are at the forefront of the protests they instigate.

But no.

You only see them carrying placards in London, New York, Washington DC, European countries where they know that the worst that would happen, is that an opposition group stands across from them and yells angry slogans back at them.

All of them can afford to travel back to Nigeria.

None of them bar Nnamdi Kanu himself, has ever thought of doing that.

They KNOW the consequences.

They KNOW that there will be bloodshed.

They KNOW that people will die.

They HOPE that people will die because their ONLY strategy is: if they kill enough of us, maybe the US and Donald Trump and the UN will notice and leave all of their myriad of problems to temporarily focus on us. That is their ONLY strategy.

Gambling with the lives of people's sons, husbands, daughters - family breadwinners and in some instances, the rising sun in those families, are mowed down by angry bullets.

Dispensable variables.

Collateral damage.

This is why Nnamdi Kanu mourned the death of his dog Jack, but could not mention by name, at least one of the scores of young men whom they misled into battle against the well equipped Nigerian army, while they bore batons and wore berets and marched like ichoku on his way to arrest the village fowl thief.

He had thirteen months.

He couldn't mention any of the dead by name.

What a leader.

What a tragedy.

He had an option though like I learnt today, recourse to a British Embassy on foreign soil and claim his passport was lost and request a reissuance; or the Nollywood version of the MOSSAD plus IPOB strike force combo - if your shekpe is good, vote for any of the options.

But the point is: he had an option.

Most of the loudest voices on social media, have an option.

If you doubt me, go and check out their profiles.

Then invite them home to come and join in the protest.

That is when you will know that "vooooom ka mma karia statement".

Igbo youth, be wise.

Be very very wise especially if you don't own a passport, neither do you know your way to the nearest airport.

You are stuck in a matrix that will not hesitate to delete you in your numbers and then, move on. Up till tomorrow, you are taunted and threatened with a repetition of Biafra; with history consistently revised without any talks of reparation or reconciliation.

Like we futilely advised in Anambra; whether you vote or not, if even one person votes; results will be taken and a winner declared.

Be wise.

PS: I know some knuckle heads will now run to their walls to go and write their weak ass subs: ehn, oversabbe, at least Nnamdi Kanu is known all over the world, who knows your father.

My answer: Nobody. At least not all over the world. But if you enter my village, and ask for "Injinia"; everybody knows him. So, he may not be a worldwide champion, but he is a local champion and that was sufficient for us. He was also not a nuisance and NEVER worked against the Igbo race.

Last last, nobody knows my father's name. But if my daughter mentions my name, at least two people will say "which Viola? That stubborn ishi aki wey no dey gree person cross her path without showing them shege?".

So nobody knows my father, but plenty people know my daughter's mother.

Gwazie nu ndi yard unu.


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