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IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LIVE LONG, THEN MARRY A BAD WIFE. (The two greatest problem in the world today were initiated by women but allowed and seconded by men)
In a world of fast foods,  fast cars,  fast charge phones,  fast cash,  the world is sporadically entering the age or stage of fast marriage. How do I mean? People are rushing into marriage without understanding some important fundamentals. And I will be outlining some of these fundamentals below:

1. The woman is more powerful than she appears,  a good one is a plus,  a bad one is a big minus.

2. What you become tomorrow as a man, is not dependent on God alone but also on your wife.

3. Women can easily be manipulated by the devil because of their inherent verbal and emotional power.

4. The hardest thing for a woman to do is to submit herself totally to her husband.

5. God will hardly deliver you from a bad wife because spiritually a man and his wife has become one flesh.

6. A wise woman builds her home with her mouth, but a bad one destroys it with her mouth.

7. Watch the friends your wife keeps,  they influence her faster than you.

8. The past of a woman is not just her past but her make-up.  Deal with it because they can easily slip back if not handled well.

9. Everything a woman does or says comes from her heart.  Take what she says seriously she hardly jokes.

10. If she does not see you and treat you as her head,  then you are in for trouble.

The two greatest problem in the world today were initiated by women but allowed and seconded by men. Those problems includes;

1. Sin: The serpent came to Eve not Adam.  Adam received direct instruction from God not to eat the fruit from that particular tree but he didn't instruct his wife sternly.  On the other hand due to Eve's lack of submission she ate the fruit without asking her husband first and lured her husband into eating it.  And the husband did not even stand his ground as the man to obey God.

2. Eslam: When you hear of terrorism,  suicide bombing,   Jihad,  it is not far from the wrong teaching of Eslam.
Eslam,  a cult hiding under the impression of religion have succeeded in killing many all around the world today.  It will shock you to know that it was initiated by a woman but allowed and seconded by a man.  That woman was Sarah,  the man is Abraham. God promised Abraham a son through Sarah,  Sarah lured Abraham to sleep with her maid Hagar,  Hagar became pregnant but that was not God's will,  Ishmael was the result.  Galatians 4:22-31. Abraham could not control his wife,  Adam could not control his wife and the world is suffering today.  But thank God because the only solution to these problems is Salvation.

Lord Jesus, help me to impact a billion soul positively with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  BBM PIN IS


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