Author Topic: Facebook tracks your browsing habits by injecting super cookies  (Read 903 times)

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Facebook tracks your browsing habits by injecting super cookies into your hard drive. They also track you via GPS on your phone even when GPS is switched off and even when your phone is switched off. And they recently partnered with MasterCard so that info on whatever you buy using your card is sent to Facebook. If you linked your phone number to your Facebook account, Facebook will get your contact list and create ghost accounts for everybody on your phone book if they don't have Facebook accounts and hide these accounts so that you won't see it.

Mark Zuckerberg was asked if Facebook creates ghost accounts for non users in the US senate and he started stammering. You could literally touch the guilt written all over his face. Its not only Facebook. Google and apple are also in on the tracking. Google even goes as far as hiding search results and showing you results that fit their agenda. And apple releases software updates that will slow down your phone and make it obsolete so that you will keep buying new iphones.

Don't even get me started on those two. All this tracking is to get user behavioural pattern so that their algorithms can show you targeted ads or control your thoughts using your newsfeed. They also sell this data to agencies like the NSA. Some of you might say well, I am not worried since I have nothing to hide. Well, in an interview, Edward Snowden, ex-NSA employee said that sometimes during work, a random person's nude picture taken from the device front camera pops up on screen and everybody in the office starts checking it out.

They even send a copy to Fred in accounting department. The picture could be yours. Facebook even works with the Chinese government to calculate "social scores" for people without their knowledge and some people were banned from travelling because of their social scores. We are slowly inching towards an era of Orwellian totalitarianism. The data you produce is more valuable to Facebook, google and apple than your life and dignity.

I've already torn my phone down to the kernel space, deleted many things and cellotaped my front camera. That is why you still see me here. Stay woke. Favour open source software and services like tor, protonmail, Linux and co. Goodmorning, Nigeria.

By Kene Ugwoke
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