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iAuctionX Vs. Nairabet in Nigeria  - Play to Win with iAuctionX
Online betting in Nigeria has come a long way from the days when Nairabet was the only online gaming site.
Nowadays, we have lots of online lotteries, sports gaming, and virtual gaming sites in Nigeria.
 The common factor with all these lotto sites in Nigeria is that usually, only a small sum of money is required to play for higher stakes.
iAuctionX is one such online gaming, but with a difference.
 Unlike a lot of betting sites in Nigeria where you need some basic knowledge of sports and fairly accurate prediction skills, With iAuctionx you don't need skills or technical know-how to win!
In this article, we bring you top five reasons to play lotto on iAuctionX.
5 Solid Reasons To Play Lotto On IAuctionX Instead Of Betting On Nairabet
    Anybody can Play

Unlike gaming sites in Nigeria like Nairabet where the particular focus is betting on sports and especially football, iAuctionX does not require you to be a sports lover .
iAuctionx is basically about bidding with small amounts of money to win a tangible gift or sums of money. Each item or cash gift up for auction requires a specific minimum amount you need to bid and a minimum number of people all of which is specified on the site.
    The odds are in your favor
With sites like Nairabet, The odds are almost always  constructed such that the house wins ( odds are in favor of the house). Sports gaming operators  have some notable advantages over their customers. Remember that these are seasoned analysts that can accurately predict the likelihood of an event and they use these angles to beat the majority of bettors and earn profits.
iAuctionX favors a win-win situation and even allows you to increase your odds of winning by bidding on the same item more than once!
     No  gaming skills are required

WithiAuctionx you don't need any special skills or knowledge to play the game. You only need to be interested in bidding for an available item and have a token amount to place your bid.
With  gaming sites like Nairabet, To accurately predict the outcome of a match, you need to work on what is  referred to as your handicapping skills.
Handicapping” refers to the process of analyzing a bet and assessing value to each outcome. You'd have to take into account players history, coach, whether the game is being played home or away for your favorite team etc.
     You can play for higher stakes with better odds
When it comes to betting with iAuctionx, a lot is actually working in your favor. Even if you're bidding for higher stakes like a House in Lekki for example, the odds of winning are still the same as if you're playing to win #20,000. The only difference is that the minimum amount you can bid with would definitely be higher as would the number of people required to close the bid.
Sports betters like Naira bets actually Offer up some really bad bets for higher stakes. They offer you what is known as a parlay. Here you are allowed to place multiple bets on the same ticket which can often be very low. Even though it looks like this is cheap because the money involved is small, it's actually deceptive. For you to win the high stakes displayed, you'd need to win all the games you staked. For example, if you placed bets for three games and ended up predicting accurately only two of the games, you end up losing all.
     The rules of the Game don't change
With iAuctionX, the odds are always  in favor of your winning and the rules of the game don't change. The House makes it possible for you to win and the rules don't change suddenly when you are on a winning streak.
 Sports bet operators have been known to change the rules when they see that the predicted outcome favors a lot of people winning.
Even though, You may be able to predict accurately and think that you are on a winning streak, all of a sudden, the odds can be changed against you.
With iAuctionX, however,  you can win and keep on winning! Visit


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