bo Carefully read the story and let us have your thoughts on it
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Author Topic: Carefully read the story and let us have your thoughts on it  (Read 5644 times)

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Carefully read the story below and let us have your thoughts on it...

My name is Ada. I lost my husband to the cold hands of death just two years after our marriage.

Three years after his death, I still knew no man. In fact men were not even coming around me.

One cool evening my best friend, Grace, and I were hanging out at a bar when I told her how loneliness is slowly eating me up since I lost my husband in that fatal accident.

Grace looked at me and said, "I know how you feel my friend. But what are friends for?", she continued, "I'll lend you my husband for one night."

I thought she was kidding. But she expressed how serious she was and told me that she would not hesitate to share anything with me as a friend, including her husband for a night.

How can I turn down such offer when I hadn't have anyone to warm my bed for over 3 years..

I accepted her offer and she made the arrangement with her husband to sleep over at my house the following weekend.
Since then, I anticipated every second, minute, hour and day till the wonderful Saturday.

That morning, I ordered my maid to scrub every part of the house and put up new cottons and bedlinens. The decorations in the room conjured romance.

He was to come at 10:00pm.
At 9:30pm I changed into my newly bought expensive and seductive red nightwear. It clocked 10, there was no sign of him.
I came and stood by the window with my eyes focused on the gate, anticipating the honk of a horn at my gate.
Seconds passed, minutes passed, and at exactly 10:57pm I heard the horn at the gate.
My hormones could not withstand the mesmerised feelings, I discharged.

I hurried into the bathroom and refreshed myself.
I came to welcome him at the door. Upon seeing him again, flowers dropped in my pant 🤦🏼??

I hurriedly ushered him in and served him a glass of water (that's what he asked for).

I went to the bathroom again and cleaned up myself.
By the time I came back, I could tell that he had noticed my panic.

He didn't waste any time further, we went to the room.
Lights were off, candles lit, a bottle of whisky surrounded by petals of roses carefully arranged like the shape of a heart ? in the middle of the bed.

I watched him slowly removed his shirt and trousers. I can't help starring at his broad shoulders and chest just like those of my late husband.
For the third time in twenty minutes, I felt my vagina was wet again.

We started talking, and drinking, by the time we knew it, we were laughing out loud in the room.

Then we got down to business.
He came down on me with might, I felt every fabric of him inside of me. He made love to me with such passion and panache that memories of every bit of him that night still lingers in my mind.

He was so strong and charged. We made love the whole night.

In the morning at about 6:00, he got dressed and drove off.
He left me weak and tired. I slept till 1:00pm.
Later in the evening I called my fried to thank her .
She said it was okay, she will do anything for me, but strongly advised me not to ever sleep with her husband without her consent. She said that she will continue to lend me her husband once every month.

1. Should I continue to accept her offer?

2. Do you see anything behind my friend's benevolence?

3. Could you have ever imagined that such could happen in Africa?

4. What could you have done if you were in my position?

5. If you were the man, would you have agreed to your wife's wish to sleep with her best friend?

6. What's your general take on this story?
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It can happen in Africa, because different Africans have different mentalities.
Religion apart, I can do it, if I have the time, just for fun of it -sorry.


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