bo Enough is enough it is time to engage your Angels.
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Author Topic: Enough is enough it is time to engage your Angels.  (Read 4526 times)

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Enough is enough it is time to engage your Angels.

You might have done everything you know to do but there is still one thing else you might not have done that you need to do. It is engaging angelic forces. That present challenge will bow as you begin to set your angels loose.
This is not a myth, angels are real. They are spirit personalities, I call them spiritual supermen. They can go to where you cannot go they are not limited by time or distance.

Who are angels? They are assigned by God to minister to you. They are ministering spirits. Hebrews 1 vs.14. they are programmed by God to do your bidding they respond to your command. But unfortunately many are unaware of this, so the struggle continues. Its time for your struggle to end. It is Gods utmost desire to for you to rescue people out of struggles and not to keep on struggling. You might have prayed, worked and you feel like giving up. But before you do, send your angel to address that pending issue in the name of Jesus and watch and see how things will sporadically turn around for you. It cannot be over for you. Command your angels do not beg them or complain but command them. They only hear go they don’t hear come. So it’s finally your turn to break through.

Who else are Angels? They are spiritual super men. They can cause a drastic change for you especially when there seems to be no hope. For example when your vehicle or plane is heading for a crash you can provoke their speedy intervention by telling them to take charge. When an armed robber of hoodlum is knocking at your door trying to break in and rob you. You can command your angels to take their position. The truth is that they are always around you 24 hrs every day. But because you paid them no attention they remain helpless. Its time to live consciously on the reality of the existence of Angels so that you can fulfill your destiny in Christ. The bible says God gives his angels charge over you to keep you from dashing your foot against a stone. So you see, they are made to protect you from dashing your foot. If your foot is so important to God what about your head. No more misfortune for you in Jesus Precious name amen.

Who else are Angels? They sometimes appear as strangers, so pay attention to strangers as you go through life do not ignore them, angels could appear physically through them to either pass across an information to you or bless you. Abraham in Genesis 18 vs. 2, was always entertaining strangers and on a certain day He entertained Angels and a prophecy came forth from their mouth about his long awaited child (Isaac). No more hopeless situation for you. Send your angels on an assignment. Stop complaining because when you complain they also do your bidding. Have you not read Ecclesiastes 5 vs. 6? Mind what you say, when you say you are finished they make sure you are truly finished. When you say you are blessed they ensure you get blessed.

How then can you provoke your angels to work.

1.Be conscious of them, Exodus 23 vs. 20 to 21 ( behold I send an angel before thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place that I have prepared . beware of Him….) that is be conscious of him. As you carry out your daily chores do not loose consciousness of the reality of angels so that when ever you experience a difficulty instead of fretting or panting you just need to command them to take charge.

2.You can also engage your angels through prayers. Jesus said to Pilate when He was been tried before His crucifixion that He could pray unto God to give Him 12 legions of Angels to Help Him out but He kept quiet so that the scriptures might be fulfilled. You can pray your angels loose. When next you pray instead of complaining to God command your Angels in the name of Jesus to bring your desired result. You will no more be stranded again.

3.You can also Engage your angels by speaking forth like I told you earlier on, angels obey the words you speak so its time to begin to speak positively. Instead of talking lack talk plenty all the time.

Now begin to command you angels in the name of Jesus you have waited for too long its time to possess your possession. The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof. Proverbs 24 vs.1. The profit of the earth is for all even the king is served by the field. Ecclesiastes 5 vs. 9. OMEGA CYBER MINISTRY. +2348052773865. BB PIN IS 21322745.
Lord Jesus, help me to impact a billion soul positively with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  BBM PIN IS

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Thank you for sharing this inspiring text about angels and their power. It is true that reminding and stimulating angels can bring positive change in our lives. At the same time, the mention of "angel numbers" is also an important part of the connection to the supernatural world. Thank you for this meaningful message!
Explore the mystical realm of angel numbers, and your divine messages.


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